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    What have the Romans ever done for us? (It’s from Life of Brian, check it out young people). Lots of unhappy people on the forums. I assume some PUBG people read the forums as well so.. I started playing in early March, since then: - crashes have gone down from every 10-20 games to less than every 500 games - rubber banding has dropped a lot, it’s rare now for me - Mirimar - great change from Erangel - Sandhouk - love this map because I can get lots more gunfights, play this 95% of the time - dynamic weather - training ground - love training ground for helping me practice shooting, grenades, bike riding.. every gun, every attachment, every scope, lots of targets.. - of course we already had a choice of FPP and TPP - event mode - awesome - custom games - just played my first couple yesterday What has PUBG *EVER* done for us.. apart from extra maps, training ground, event mode, custom games, dynamic weather, almost no crashes.. Of course, I want higher fps, no desync ever, more options on custom games.. and other people are obviously having performance issues that I’m not having. PUBG runs pretty well for me. It’s not a "laggy mess". The FPS is ok. The new stuff is excellent. The original format of realistic guns, recoil, tension, heart pumping adrenalin max, hands shaking after you’ve won the chicken dinner (or died in the final circle), that stuff is still there and amazing. I think PUBG is doing a great job.
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    has anyone ever done something wrong/ had a accident and tried to cover it up as best as possible? last night i was playing in randy squads and a teammate got downed. i paniced hard and went to cover him with a smoke. didnt realise i had a molotov equiped and burnt him badly. another friend was downed by this time and i was still flicking my grenade quick select button. ended up fragging him. fair to say i logged off for the night.
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    Hi, At this time we don’t have any plans to release a mouse & keyboard update for PUBG on Xbox.
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    Not only that though, a lot of players just like to blame the game as an excuse for them being garbage.
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    Takes 3 hits to kill, you'll be fine dude
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    The big problem right now is that PUBG has all the things that Blackout needs to be the best BR, while all PUBG needs are the positive aspects of Blackout!
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    people just want everything "here and now" i agree with a lot of your words bro
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    Always use a comp if available, if not a flash hider is always better than a suppresor..... Never use more than a 2x on it, the recoil is very predictable on it, it wants to go up and right, hold a little down and left on it and try not to spray more than 6 rounds at a time, if you potato don't panic and recenter..... You'll be melting in no time
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    I have become a fan of the lowrider truck as a weapon on Sanhok.
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    Hi, It’s not a feature that will be available at launch, but we’re interested in working with our partners to explore cross-play functionality.
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    Добавьте в игру скин на "ящик" (который остается после смерти) Мне только этого в игре не хватает! Все остальное норм ,и лагов нет!
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    Wazza dudes! Thanksgiving is only two days apart, but this year there's not much we can thank PUBG developers for. Did you, developer guys, try to play PUBG PC on the West Coast of America? Well, you didn't, otherwise you'd know that the game play is pure crap due to the ping of 150ms and above, which creates awful desync. You know, that shitty situation when you aim at a dude that isn't there any more, or get shot by a dude that's not here yet. Aham... Don't tell me to change the provider, that won't help. Not even Musk's satellite internet would help sort that out, unless you spit some cash and buy a server within a reasonable geographic distance. Yep, just that easy. So, for the sake of fair play and yeah, Thanksgiving, give us a reason to thank you, at last. Not forever yours, but still hopeful player.
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    This rendering BS is making me seriously hate this game. Can i I just land at Hacienda or Pecado like I used to??? #500dollarpaperweight
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    After this hot fix desync is worse than ever making it pointless to play. I got home from work ready to relax and enjoy pubg to find it was unplayable. Before the hot fix It was running fine.I never thought I would loose interest in pubg but I have.Reminds me of an ex girlfriend who you finally get tired of.........that right pubg I’m breaking up with you time to move on have a nice life.
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    Just popped to Sainburys, damn I look good in mine!
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    I mean you said it yourself, area denial and room clearing. The fire spreads more if you pile more on, and ive found its super useful at busting open doors, a molotov will bust a wooden door on contact, saves wasting a frag and it's quicker too, plus it lets you follow up with a frag to kill or flush them out of a window. And lets be honest there's few things funnier than lobbing a molotov into an upper window and watching the unlucky hostile jump out of a window while on fire.
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    @lilandy762 oh dont get me wrong, they fix one thing and ruin another like you say haha I can see why some of you are getting frustrated tbf, I just think the game is such a great concept and the realistic feel makes it so worthwhile for me but understood it’s each to their own I’ve had 2 or 3 occasions this past month when I’ve had to turn off because of performance issues but I’ve just put it down to my connection possibly playing up.... maybe it was the game then haha
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    My twin brother plays, but not real often. He's only gotten one chicken dinner and it was duos with a different friend. He showed me the replay.... Fast forward to the end, it's just him and one other dude, both crawling in bushes, both dumped an AR mag at each other but neither killed each other... My brother, instead of reloading, switches to his pump shotgun and runs 20 feet towards him and blasts him from 5 feet away for the win. 😂🤣😂🤣
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    VSS and SLR 6x. Happy to run as a pair, cause it doesn't matter if I am using an AR or SMG, if I am too close for either, I lose. I find I am not bad at getting distance between me and the target to use the VSS when necessary.
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    MK14 and extended mag.....Yes, Id like my super deadly sniper rifle to be able to shoot people like a sub machine gun.
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    The other updates made for November got pushed back to January you really think you’re going to see this map in 2018?
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    Игра работает просто шикарно. Играю без фризов, не разу не умер за стеной. Это хорошо что шторы и решетки не простреливаются, это добавляет некого разнообразия в игру. Еще нравится что выстрелы убиенного не зачитываются если его быстро убить, а то приходилось бы бесполезно тратить хил при законченом пвп. Еще хорошо что синие зоны идут не как в фортнайте, а так что я успеваю зайти в дом взять дробовик сесть в угол и сходить покакать, как раз к возвращению и зона подспевает и фри кил бывает заходит ко мне. Красная зона и самолет мои любимые в этой игре, это хорошо что зона не убивает в 99% случаев и невидно снарядов летящих, можно выключить звук и не заметить что зона началась. Бросать гранаты вообще афигенно, можно их даже не лутать. Ближний бой наверно лучше чем в мортал комбате. Так же хочу поблагодарить за выбор карты, теперь мне не нужно ливать что бы наролить Эрангель, теперь я могу вовсе не играть потому как пинг в 100+ на русском сервере дает мне такую возможность.