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    Hey everyone, On November 7, we will be updating live servers to Update #3! This update will bring the new Supply System, Custom Matches, officially licensed Joker and Harley Quinn skins, bug fixes, and more. Dive into the patch notes below and read up before jumping into the new update! Maintenance Schedule PST: November 7 12:00AM - 2:00AM CET: November 7 9:00AM - 11:00AM Supply System Added Supply System Earn XP through play time and completing missions to level-up and obtain rewards. Each 10 levels you will receive a permanent reward. Every level-up on the way to each permanent reward will grant you BP and also a chance to receive an additional permanent reward. You can level up and get rewards when you fill the Survival gauge with survival XP You must click “Claim” to receive the completed mission XP Observing teammates grants 50% less XP than while alive Skin & Items Added a MAKE UP tab in the APPEARANCE category. The APPEARANCE category has been added to the store, where you can purchase additional Hair and Make-up options. Changing APPEARANCE such as face, hair and/or gender will not cost BP (some paid items for face and make-up are excluded from this). Cosmetics Officially licensed Joker and Harley Quinn Skins Harley Quinn “Daddy’s Lil Monster” outfit “Good Night” baseball bat skins for the crowbar and machete The Joker’s “Night Club Suit” outfit Each bundle includes new paid hair and makeup options as well to complete the look of these two iconic characters. Custom Match Custom matches have been added and custom match creation is available for all players. Known issue: You may experience short instances of hitching in the custom match lobby when assigning or moving teams. Custom match list can now be viewed after selecting custom match game mode. Normal mode: Classic battle royale rules—be the last person (or team) standing War Mode: Team deathmatch with respawns. The team with the most points (kills and knocks) wins. After selecting your preferred game mode, custom matches can now be created using presets. Each game mode currently has a default preset and one additional preset available. War Mode includes the Desert Knights preset. Normal Mode includes Sanhok Forty Fivers preset. RULES: Set number of players, team size. BASIC: Set game mode, password, map, weather, etc. After creating the match, the settings can be adjusted using the options in the BASIC and RULES menus. Things to keep in mind when creating custom matches: At least 10 players are required to start the match. You can keep the game in a waiting room for up to two hours. Performance Optimized texture streaming to reduce hitching Bug Fixes Fixed a bug where upon completing a match in Training Mode, you would receive two wins that counted towards Game Hub stats
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    If PUBG keeps losing players like this, judging by these numbers, in 6 months PUBG will have no players.. And imagine what happens when e.g. BO4 goes on sale for the first time.. I think you had more than enough time to make this game better.. you kept failing miserably.. but I actually think you've done pretty well four yourselves... you realized that you've made a shitty game you don't know how to fix, so you said to yourself "oh fuk, lets just squeeze as much money as we can while it is still alive." and that is exactly what you did.. every update was just filled with crates, skins & cosmetic items.. and you even had that one useless season pass.. (wtf was that?) it is pretty funny to read all these "fixpubg" patches looking at gamebreaking bugs that have been in the game for a year and only now you are "attempting" to fix it..
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    Thats not the case at all. Its all started when you guys used i different asset loading near 1.0 release. Had nothing to do with last patch. You guys have no idea what youre doing. You guys tell yourselves that certain problems are this and that, but you are wrong so offen. You break the game and say its last patch but its been like this since 1.0 release. Play doh buildings since this new asset loading was implemented. To say its only since last patch is not right. Sometimes i wounder if you guys even play the game. And theres no point doing bug reports because you guys dont lissen to your player base. I mean 80% bugs on all the pts servers we had you guys just chucked on live servers. After warning after warning of people saying dont put these in live servers you did anyway. So tell me Andy whats the point of reports when noone gets lissen to. Whats the point?. Its known by all of us that pubg corp cant use the engine or dosent no how to. Stop band aiding this game and fix the dam game, no more excuses. No more spin, fix it.
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    Нет, нельзя его будет использовать для бесшумных убийств. Будет такое же говно, как и сейчас. Пока добежишь до противника успеешь в главное меню выйти. Игра переполнена шлаком, который не используется никак. Быстрые обоймы для пистолетов, которые юзают 1 минуту игры, когда нету другого оружия. И при использовании пистолета как правило погибает его обладатель, а не противник с нормальным оружием. Кучи дробовиков, которые после релиза стали лютым дерьмом. Раньше мог в последних кругах стреляться с них, была предсказуемая кучность и точность, неплохой урон. Сейчас же это посмешище, которое работает на рандоме, а не на скилле. Также бесполезен томпсон, без прицела бесполезен и всегда меняется на нормальное оружие при первом его нахождении. Молотовы тоже кусок дерьма, кто не согласен - зайдите в свой профиль gosu.ai и сравните урон от he и от молотовых. В том что в пубг играют ради карты, на которой можно маневрировать, а не как в кс или колде, бегать по коридорам и локациям 100х100 метров. Ради относительно нормальной соревновательной составляющей, а не как в бф, когда победа или поражения совсем не приносят эмоции, потому что затащил не ты, а вся тима, состоящая из кучи рандомов. Да и пубг в первую очередь всё таки шутер, а потом уже батл рояль. Батл рояль и в доте был в виде эвента, однако почему-то шутером он не был. Ты сбежал бы оттуда после второй игры и больше никогда не заходил, т.к. это было бы элементарно не играбельно. А то что ты описал - это battlefield 2 project reality или squad (одни и же разрабы). Там это всё есть: и убийства в каску, и бинты останавливающие кровотечение, и экран темнеет при попадании в тело. Можешь попробовать поиграть, благо первый абсолютно бесплатен.
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    Thats Great! now its my fault becausedevs are dumb and do not know how to make a reward be offered only once, FIX PUBG - THE BIGGEST DECEPTION OF 2018
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    Улыбнитесь, ведь скины по официальной лицензии от DC Comics прибыли в PUBG! В течение ограниченного периода, вы можете получить костюмы, которые носили Джокер и Харли Квинн в кинофильме «Отряд Самоубийц»! Костюм Харли Квинн «Папочкин монстрик», вместе со скином биты «Спокойной ночки» для ломика и мачете можно приобрести за 24.99 USD. А костюм Джокера — за 19.99 USD. Каждый набор включает в себя новую прическу и грим, чтобы еще лучше воплотить внешность этих известных персонажей в игре! Данные скины будут доступны для покупки ограниченное время, так что получите их до того, как они пропадут — 30 января!
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    Hola a todos, hice con mucho esfuerzo este video de kills de todo un poco, se agradece con un like y los invito a suscribirse si lo desean. Espero que les guste. Salu2
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    O PUBG é um jogo espetacular, e uma coisa que os seus jogadores mais gostam é de elaborar estratégias para acabar com os inimigos, sugiro colocar no jogo algumas minas, uma de aproximação, assim poderiamos colocar no drop, por exemplo e deixar o inimigo explodir quando tentar pegar, e uma outra bomba de controle remoto o que ajudaria a elaborar a estratégia e ativá-la no momento oportuno.
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    Ich behaupte, dass das höchst unwahrscheinlich ist.
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    Скорее наоборот, китайцы бОльшая часть игроков и блюхол видит их как единственное направление. остальные регионы побочны. и игра будет развиваться так как нравится китайцам. имо
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    They have a lot of balls putting people into the negative when they're providing this broke-ass game currently
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    Да условности и что? Мачете нужно не убирать, а полностью перерабатывать боевку ближнего боя, ибо сейчас она унылое говно в степени миллион. Ударами хер попадешь, урон маленький, но самое ужасное это скорость замаха и самого удара, она должна быть раз в 5 быстрее. Грубо говоря, нужно сделать урон таким, что ты с мачате за пол секунду убиваешь человека. Тогда его можно было бы использовать в зданиях для бесшумных убийств.
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    Que de bonnes choses. Toujours pas de nouvelles sur le modèle d'attribution des serveurs privés ? Pour information on se relance une ligue duo FPP Eu sur serveur public avec 15 squad des demain. On est sur motivé sur xbox ?
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    Они выжимают максимум денег с того что сейчас есть. Главное как можно больше заработать, а не повысить качество игры. Более лучшей оптимизации и сетевого кода, можно не ждать. Приток бабла который сейчас идёт со скинов и турниров, им хватит до конца жизни. Не ждите улучшений, их не будет.
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    Good luck to the PS4 players. What I do know is that I will not spend another year of my life waiting for PUBG updates on XBOX.
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    the sad thing is youre probably right, only thing i would like to see if they DID do a ps4 release, would be crossplay. if they run the same on ps and xbox and we had crossplay it would make it 10x easier to find lobbies.
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    I play with a Mouse and Keyboard. Is it an advantage? Yes and No. But mostly Yes. I'd be telling you lies if I said NO. Does it make me a GOD in this game? Nope. Why don't you play on PC? Because just like on a console I'm not that good and just average plus everyone that I play with are my RL friends and people I've met through them. Do I suck on PC? I'd say below average. Why do I use MnK on console? Because its what I've been using since I started playing video games. Why don't I just use a controller? Sure I would, but why would I? This said adapter is available for everyone. PC has hackers, Consoles has cheaters and people who like to take advantage over other players ( MnK. Scuff, Cronusmax, Titan 2, Elite, 1ms monitors, 4k monitors, Premium gaming headsets, Gaming chairs, Red dot on screens.etc...you name it ). It's just the nature of the beast. Is it fair? Nope. Is life fair? No. Everything in life is about taking advantage of the opportunity given so why pass it up? If I wanted to really take a huge advantage id use an aimbot, wall hacks DDOS, ESP on a console and/or PC but I don't because wheres the fun in that? I still gotta move, still gotta aim, still gotta make the right decisions in order to come up on top on this game. So with that said not everyone that uses a Mnk uses it just to have a huge advantage, the majority use it as a preferred method on control. I play with people that know I use a MnK and they are cool with that. Am I proud that I use one? Yes, because it's all that I've ever used and grateful that such device exists so I can enjoy a game how I wanna play it. I understand the console community looks down on MnK users but that is not gonna stop me from doing what I do....and that's to just enjoy a video game.
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    Да и вот еще в придачу, олаф говорил кидать все НЕ ЧАСТНЫЕ случаи не записные с реплея.
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    if PUBG corrected the extra BP in a few days, thats one thing, But after 2 weeks, thats just sheer incompetence and they are punishing a lot of players for using something they didn't exploit to get.
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    changing the mechanic so that you only take from the crate what you have room for, does not give people an opportunity to put stuff into a box. anyway, some may see my point and like it, others may not. would be nice if this is at least getting considered at BH. imo this would be a good change. good for you that you do that math that quick. when im looting, im shoveling everything i need as fast into my inventory as possible. if i would drag the energy drinks, and see that there is still more, i could go like: oh shit well then ill drop some ammo. if i shovel 5 different types of stuff into my bag within a second, i, personally, dont check the numbers and do the math of all those things. if you can do that, good for you. for me it would be less confusing if i would take what i have room for. just wanted to put this topic out there to give my 2 cents.
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    К тому, что скоро чьи- то деньги совершат побег из кошелька, ведь разработчики подвозят очередные скинчики
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    M & K doesn't give you a huge advantage in aiming and recoil? If it didn't people wouldn't use the Xim on console. You emulator users are very comical. So I may or may not be egotistical but you ARE a cheater. What kind of individual do you have to be to use a cheat device on in a online video game?
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    Anyone that says m&k is not an advantage is lying. The most important function of the game is aiming in tense and fast paced situations. The ability to not over aim/stop movement and the ability to make micro adjustments quickly is a huge advantage. If controllers and m&k were equal in this respect then all the PC AAA titles would also have aim assist. But they don't. Why? m&k take away the need for it. Effectively m&k is aim assist. Stop posting about how people just need to get gud with a controller... Stop telling people it isn't an advantage or cheating. You are exposing yourself for everyone to see...