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    ТПП провоцирует играть терпильно, от обороны, потому что обороняющий какую-то позицию всегда имеет огромное преимущество над тем, кто атакует эту позицию. ФПП, наоборот, атакующий имеет преимущество (сам замечал, да и где-то тут читал неоднократно, что игрок, выходящий из укрытия - видит поджидающего его противника раньше, чем тот увидит его). Очень много играю на сервере дискорда пабг-раша и заметил такие вещи. Сам заметил, что любители ТПП любят посидеть в домах, в ямках, под камнями полежать, где-то даже поползать в травке, когда к этому особых предпосылок нету. Сам когда-то так играл, когда только начинал играть в пабг и был полным нубасом. Кстати, заметил, что в тпп чаще всего играют либо вообще дети <16, либо какие-то подсорокалетние подпивасы, которые одной ногой держат мышку, другой банку пива, руками жрут макараны, ртом перекрикиваются с женой и ещё где-то там на фоне дети по кд орут, не замолкая. Немалая часть бывшие/нынешние игроки в танки. Вот это для меня такой дефолтный ТПП'шник на рашке. Игроки в ФПП больше любят открытые пространства и перестрелки. Аудитория средних лет, в районе 18-30. Нередко попадаются типы, которые, играя в тиме, играют только на свой КД, да любители всех вокруг пообвинять, что порой люто раздражает. Сам играю преимущественно ФПП, средний стиль. Опечален, что на рашке большинство предпочитает терпильный ТПП.
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    недельку еще потерпи и будет тебе фпп ру сервера=)
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    A drop thats a military Humvee with a turret would be amazing
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    Hello everyone, Welcome to this week’s community post! Today, we will be going over a few known issues that some of our players have been experiencing. We wanted to take the time to provide an update on these known issues in one post, so that our communications are more streamlined and easier to find. Let’s go ahead and get into it! Lost Connection to Host We hear you, and we’re focused on knocking out this bug as soon as possible. This week, we deployed a hotfix that fixed one of the reasons why this error would pop up, which was when a player previously canceled matchmaking before getting connected to a match. While we have been investigating other possible causes and trying to reproduce this bug, we would like to request those who have been receiving this error to let us know below what actions you had taken prior to this bug happening. When submitting a report, please use the following format: Solo, duo, or squad? What actions were taken just prior to receiving this error? Please provide as many details as possible. For example: Queued duo, canceled matchmaking, queued squad, received error. This will help us out greatly with our investigation and we appreciate your reports! Event Mode: Desert Knights Our first Event Mode, Desert Knights, went live on Sept 20 7pm PDT / Sep 21 4am CEST. If you missed the news, feel free to check out the full details here. Currently, the event can only support solo queue, which we know is quite disappointing for our players. The reason for this is that there were stability issues with group queueing, and we are actively working to resolve this. Whilst we are working on making the party invite feature for the Event Mode, some players have found a temporary workaround which allows them to join Event Mode with friends. In order to play the Event Mode with your friends you will have to: Enter Event Mode screen Press the Guide button on the Xbox controller Navigate to "People" Select "Friends" Select the player you wish to play with Select "Invite" -> Invite them to a game If they enter the party, you will be able to see the number of party members in the top right of the screen All Party members need to press "A" button when on the Event match screen There is also small chance of crashing when joining/leaving matches in Event Mode. We have found that this is due to the session changes that happen to fit the larger dynamic team sizes. We are investigating these issues to have it solved ASAP. Weapon Skins We have found an issue with purchasing the new weapon skins from the Store. Unfortunately, the new skins will be unavailable until this is fixed. We are currently focused on the group queuing fix for War Mode first, and will provide a revised release date for the weapon skins once the issue is resolved. Achievements After our investigation into achievements not unlocking or tracking correctly, we have found that the new weapons, QBZ and QBU, have an issue where their item type is not properly defined in the logs. This means that currently, QBZ and QBU kills may not be counting towards achievements. Now that we have identified one of the root causes of this issue, we expect to be able to put out a fix for this soon! Thank you for your patience. Level Streaming We are continuing to work to optimize level streaming to improve the following: Ensure that there are no “play-doh” like buildings upon landing Fix issues where players are getting stuck on furnitures or in rooms with no exit We are currently testing out some optimizations, and will have more to share soon. Desync We are working on optimizing character movement to reduce desync issues. We are testing out more fixes, and expect to be rolling out an update to address this issue in late October. We are also planning to improve matchmaking, with the result being an increased chance of low ping players playing with other low ping players. More on this later. Framerate Issues While the hotfix this week helped many of our X players with dropped framerate issues, all of our players having stable framerate is still a big focus for us. We are working to increase overall framerate everyone, as well as identify and reduce frame drop instances and hitches. Unable to pick up items from the floor This bug will be fixed in early October. EU Server - FPP There will be an update to the matchmaking system where your region will be selected automatically depending on your location. This will bring the EU FPP players playing on NA back to EU servers, which we hope will help with matchmaking issues. More info on this coming soon! Sound Issues There are ongoing investigations into sound related issues. Upcoming QoL Fixes These are some of the most requested quality of life changes that our players are asking for that will be coming to the game soon. Compass Visibility - We will be putting shadows on the compass for better visibility Teaming - We will be adding a new option to report players for teaming Increased maximum sensitivity Thank you for taking the time to read through our post this week! While it was on the lengthier side, we know that it is important to communicate up to date information on ongoing issues in the game. As always, please continue to leave us your feedback, reports, and suggestions on the forums! Thanks, PUBG Xbox Team
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    En todo el apartado llamado personalizacion en los menu del juego pasa lo mismo que se ve en el video, se mueve un poco el mouse o pongo la flechita encima del personaje y va a unos fps lamentables (7-15 fps) sin razon alguna, en el video se muestra con que pc sucede eso, y no descarto de que en otras pc mejores pase lo mismo... Y por otra parte tengo la duda de, Donde esta el selector de servidor?? En test server #22 desaparecio el selector de servidor
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    У меня такой возможности нет, т.к. эти данные не публикуются нигде в реальном времени и не находятся в свободном доступе. Для нашего региона их публикуем мы. Что касается других регионов, то мне не известно предоставляют ли там своим игрокам такую информацию.
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    @PUBG_Sheepy Here's more ingame footage, that was posted on reddit - there's a big difference in the sound that a spectator hears and the sound the player hears:
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    Du nervst mittlerweile echt gewaltig. Wenn Du zwei maps zocken willst, dann musst Du 2 auswählen......
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    у меня кд не вырос, также максимум остался 13 килов, но просто для себя пробовал соло вс сквад играть, опробовать себя так сказать) я тоже в данный момент редко в мясо прыгаю т.к оружие грузится дольше, пули не регаются + всякие дейлики появились поэтому тоже прыгаю куда-нибудь недалеко (за искл. на эрангеле починок и школы, там стараюсь сразу упасть либо затащить либо умереть т.к ненавижу эту карту) ?
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    Prefiro FPP, porem não concorco com o que voce disse. cada um tem seu estilo de jogo então não é uma pessoa ou outra que vai vir dizer que um modo é ruim e outro é bom, mas isso é que nem discutir religião. HAHAHA. e te falo tem gente que joga TPP por nao ter opção aqui no SA. se eles irao fazer essa troca de seleção de localização, poderiam trazer o modo DUO FPP.
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    I tried the event beta once on Saturday. My squad got wiped by a cheater. The guy got a no clip hack and aimbot. So damn stupid we couldn’t report him, since there was no report bottom.
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    Yesterday i was camping in a random house in a town , one guy came i killed him easy , the second one came after 2 minutes , loudly , didn't care about noise just as i saw him i was dead . Camping spot was barely visible , looked at the replay - he came directly towards me and headshot . I didn't make any noise , i wasn't visible from outside, etc. btw, i was camping because i was eating :))
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    Чепуха. Я понимаю конечно, что та информация которую я вам выдал, разрушает ваше мировозрение. Но чуваки, нельзя оставаться в своей пещерке всю жизнь, вокруг еще целый мир. И в этом большом, глобальном мире, ТПП в ПУБГ не котируется. И хоть вы тресните, но это ничего не изменит. Тут нет никакой иной цели, кроме разрушения вашего заблуждения. Опять же таки, вы можете играть как угодно и во что угодно. Никаких претензий к вам нет. Вам могут нравиться игры от первого лица или нет. Дело абсолютно не в этом. И я вам больше скажу. Настоящих, полноценных шутеров, в сотни, а то и в тысячи раз больше чем просто один КС. (А то вы только его постоянно называете)
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    Hola! el selector de servidor se ha eliminado con el parche 22. Ahora el servidor es global. En cuanto a los fps, muchas gracias por el vídeo. Se lo pasamos al equipo.
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    у меня тоже иногда бывает, летишь вертишь головой через ALT, ни кого рядом.... и бац с тобой лутается чел...
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    Игра дизайнелась под 3 лицо и он подходит под эту игру. Геймплей под 1 не подходит, в него играют задроты КС которые не могут приспособиться под условия преимущества в обороне, хотя в принципе все игроки в 2 режимах находятся в одинаковых условиях. Так что более казуальные игроки, это в режиме от 1 лица, они как раз боятся штурмовать и боятся думать им главное больше крутить мышкой и больше жать на клавиши. Стримы от 1 лица убоги, от 3 лица смотрятся намного зрелищнее.
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    I would like to remind everyone posting in this thread that while discussing cheating is fine, calling players out or suggesting that they are a cheater -with or without evidence - is against the forum rules. If you discover a person breaking the rules of conduct, please report them via the in game reporting system, or raise a support ticket. Breaking the rules will result in action being taken against that user. Please review the rules in the post below if you have any queries about what is acceptable or not
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    I agree with what has been said. I really like the flare gun, but it's not rare at all. Out of 10 matches I myself found the flare gun 5 times. and my squad got it every match. Also there was probably between 4-8 flares being fired every match. That is not rare at all. In my opinion it's suppose to be like a really rare item that when you find it you get really excited. Even when another team finds it you should be thinking like: holy shit they got a flare gun. Now more people run arond with full lvl 3 gear than people with lvl 2 gear. Also it kinda makes the normal crates not that special anymore. They should still be the top looted crate with the flare gun being fired like once or max twice every match. If even that. If sometimes no one finds the flare gun I would be ok with that too. I don't know the perfect number of flare guns per match being spawned but now it's way too many. Sometimes our team didn't even get a care package because there were already planes in the sky. that should NEVER happen.
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    And some riffles sound like cannons when shot actually several hundred meters away
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    Thanks for the info. Ye, just checked with a friend, that the range for footstep audibility has decreased highly.
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    We tested it today and bug does still actually exists. Also there has been several reports lately that footstep sounds are not being played.
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    В челиков поспрей на полигоне, в бою еще бы не было по другому, адрик поднимаеться, ручки потеют, пальцы дрожат, не спрей а херня выходит
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    Moin , der Piloten Helm ersetzt nur Deinen LvL 1 Helm Skin Ingame ...mfg...
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    Found more videos : I think that would be so cool to have one in the game, if your team is chasing other team, they better pull over before their vehicle explodes ? Weapon could be attached in front of the second seat. (Car would look like
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    C такой настройкой он может на кредитной карточке играть.
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    Я скажу как всегда говорил (лет 20ть) еще во времена и Квеика и после появления КСа. Не смещайте сенсу по осям. А для людей которые гасят отдачу кистью, придумали общую сенсу - повышай ее. Или ты хочешь сказать, что ты на основной сенсе водишь чисто по горизонтали? У тебя и диагональ имеется. И я так же написал, что все это индивидуально, многие киберспортсмены и с акселерацией играют и не парятся, хотя для всех остальных - она мешает играть. Мышечная память, это вам не хухры мухры Кто то год, а кто то в том числе и я - пользовался настройкой ини файла, и мы играли через костыли (была спец. формула на реддите выкладывали) но с 1:1 по горизонтали. А теперь, по умолчанию вам и так подняли на 30% с тем, что было. Потому как вернули ее в человеческое значение 1:1 с горизонталкой.
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    Flare guns are fun thing, but it shouldn't be added in the 8x8 map, in smaller maps it would work better, not the big ones. UAZ is not as good as its represented(hard to see where to drive). if you could add KPV 14,5mm machine gun with 100 bullets in front of the second seat(can shoot without peaking out), that could change thing or two..and would add some nice chasing element
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    Airdrops are too much the focal point.
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    Ótimas alterações!!! Penso que deveriam rever a quantidade de itens nos mapas 8x8 (aumentar a quantidade) porque por vezes frusta não achar arma seguidamente. Também sugiro uma nova arma SR bolt action, aumentando a taxa de aparecimento de SRs e diversificando. Por vezes o paraquedas trava em alguns telhados e antenas. Fora quando fica com problemas na saida do avião em custom match que não é possível direcionar a queda. OBS: está com um rumo interessante no jogo. Continuem assim!
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    Ei galera, publiquei um texto sobre o cenário competitivo. Falo um pouco do caminho do cenário até aqui e o futuro do mesmo. E não deixem de falar o que vocês acham do cenário, quais sao os problemas.... https://paradoxalnews.com/2018/09/10/um-olhar-sobre-o-cenario-competitivo-de-pubg/
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    Thanks! Btw, I should have said cursor: default; instead of cursor: pointer for replacing the I-beam (caret) icon over text in-game menus. Cursor: pointer; (the hand cursor) is for clickable items. Here's a page with all the values and corresponding reference pictures: https://developer.mozilla.org/en-US/docs/Web/CSS/cursor
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    181 games going strong. Does not look suspect at all.
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    Here's a little video which shows the AK-47 sound bug. But there's more.
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    Hola. Desintale el Geforce Experience y ahora no se me pega ni me resalta ese error. Espero que sea de ayuda. PD: Uso el programa para hacer Stream pero tuve que desintarlo ojala encuentren alguna solución sin tener que acudir a desintalar el geforce Saludos
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    Hello everyone, The time has come to unveil our first ever event in the newly implemented Event Mode! This weekend, you will experience War Mode, a deathmatch-style game mode where players hunt each other down in a static zone. If you are killed, you will respawn in planes that fly by intermittently. This weekend’s event is Desert Knights, where you drop into Miramar with a 10-person squad, kitted with all level three gear, a care package weapon, and other items. Teams will get points for knockdowns and kills, and the team that reaches 150 points, or has the highest points after 12 minutes, wins the battle! EVENT SCHEDULE STARTS: Sep 20, 07:00PM PDT / Sep 21, 04:00AM CEST ENDS: Sep 23, 07:00 PM PDT / Sep 24, 04:00AM CEST AVAILABLE QUEUES 10-man squads on Miramar NA/EU/OC: TPP Can only queue by yourself, no group queue available due to stability issues. We will add FPP and group queues as soon as they are in a stable state. RULES War Mode Two 10-man squads fight on Miramar (max 20) All players spawn with level three gear, a care package weapon, first aid kit, random sidearm and 2 grenades Killed players respawn in planes that fly by every 30 seconds Eliminating an enemy earns your team 3 points If no squad reaches 150 points after 12 minutes, the squad with the most point wins Vehicles will not spawn OTHER EVENT RULES 10-person squads only. Auto-matching is forced Weather is Sunrise Red zones are disabled Care packages are disabled Friendly fire is disabled SAFE ZONE POINTS We hope everyone enjoys our first event in Event Mode! As always, your feedback is essential to improve upon future events, so please be sure to leave us your thoughts on our channels! Thanks, PUBG Xbox Team
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    На фпп не играют потому, что там не удобно играть с читами, и более 90% ру игроков - читеры. А у кого пинг +100 на евро - советую сменить провайдера. У меня стабильный 60 на евро
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    Hello everyone, Previously in our 1.0 announcement post, we unveiled two new skin sets that would be available as DLC with the 1.0 launch. These sets were the Xbox #1.0 Set and the Xbox #1.0/99 Set, which are both still available for eligible players. Xbox #1.0 Set To celebrate the release of 1.0 on Xbox One,Game Preview players and players who purchase the game digitally until October 4, 2018 23:59 UTC will receive this set. This set can be received from the game lobby and may only be redeemed once per player. Xbox #1.0/99 Set Players who purchase the 1.0/Full Product Release disc version of the game from participating retailers will receive the #1.0/99 Set, included as a downloadable token included with the game. This is an evergreen offer for the lifetime of the disc product. It does not expire. Today, we wanted to show you a brand new DLC skin set that you can get by purchasing 3 months of Xbox Live Gold at participating retailers. Introducing the Xbox G Set! Xbox G Set The Xbox G Set is available when you purchase 3 months of Xbox Live Gold at participating retailers in the US, Canada, Mexico, Brazil, United Kingdom, France and Germany. This offer period starts now through October 2, 2018 at participating retailers, so grab 3 months of Xbox Live Gold, redeem your skin set, and drop into the battlegrounds in style! Thanks, PUBG Xbox Team
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    Hello everyone, Today, we would like to go over Event Mode, which is a new system that will be coming to the game on September 21. Available on select weekends, Event Mode allows you to play PUBG in a different and exciting way. It could be faster circles, increased loot and sniper rifles only with Battle Royale rules, or an entirely new experience in War Mode. Event Mode allows us give you a unique experience, whether it be in Battle Royale, War Mode or a completely new game mode by changing gameplay variables including available weapons, quantity of loot, team sizes and more. Sometimes, Event Mode can feature new content for a limited time, and can be a way for us to try out a piece of cool content in a different Battle Royale setting. Do keep in mind that while Event Mode does not get counted towards leaderboard and career, you will receive BP at the end of each match. In addition, XP and non-map specific missions on the Event Pass can be earned and completed in Event Mode. Now let’s throw in War Mode. As we’ve previously mentioned, War Mode is a deathmatch-style game mode where players hunt each other in a static zone. If you are killed, you will respawn in planes that intermittently fly by. Teams get points for knockdowns, kills, and for reviving teammates, and the team that reaches the points goal, or has the highest points when the match timer ends, wins the battle. War Mode will only be available on select weekends in the Event Mode queue, and we’re excited to announce that it will be available THIS weekend, starting on September 21! We’ll be sharing details on the event you’ll be able to play this weekend very soon, so stay tuned! Thanks, PUBG Xbox Team
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    The matchmaking process for Solo fpp (Miramar/erangel) in EU time indication is 9 out of 10 times 5-10 minutes. For squads and duos this is always under 10 seconds for me. This is since beginning of August. I see many others reporting the same bug, but nothing about this in the known bugs list.
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    QUERO DUO FPP !!! ??
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    Hello Xbox players, Below is the list of issues that are under investigation or scheduled to be fixed. Resolved Issues These are issues which were implemented to the live server among the “Scheduled To Be Fixed” category In some situation, lobby screen displays abnormally When selecting FR as the language in-game, there is an error with the kill message In some conditions, players can drive a vehicle even after they become DBNO Scheduled To Be Fixed These issues have been already resolved internally. They will be applied in the next live server patch. At times, the frying pan is placed on the character's face The appearance of the vehicle is displayed abnormally When holding a grenade and another grenade of the same type is picked up, the quantity shown for the grenade does not change Enemies fire their weapon while it is on their back Under Investigation / Fix In Progress These are issues that are under investigation or in the process of being resolved. When using freelook whilst moving and reloading, the character will automatically face the direction of the freelook camera when the reloading is finished A crash occurs when repeatedly switching between multiple players when spectating In TPP, when switching seats in a vehicle while it is turning, the vehicle appears to stutter In rare instances, after climbing or vaulting, the player teleports to a different position A looping reload animation occurs when dropping all ammunition for the Winchester 1894 rifle while reloading The 'Rank' stat is inconsistent between the Leaderboard and when viewing the Career screen When region change menu is displayed, the focusing effect always remains on the region located at the top, regardless of the region selected. When a player is queuing 1-Man-Squad before receiving invite from other squad, that player still joins a match as 1-man squad even after the player starts the game as a full squad. Button prompts overlap when leaving a team from the lobby screen When auto shooting UMP9 with lightweight grip attached, the recoil becomes reduced abnormally. Players cannot communicate through in-game voice chat after exiting Xbox party voice chat in the lobby and match Left Stick Dead Zone setting has no effect when parachuting Players cannot use voice chat function while playing Duo/Squad after rejoining the game due to crash When a teammate leaves the game while playing duo/squad, disconnect icon does not display Able to attack other characters who are behind a wall with melee weapons When the character moves sideways, the legs move abnormally Player can be knocked out underwater after being shot in an aquatic vehicle while playing duo/squad Building interior assets render very slowly after landing from the airplane in Miramar Melee weapon blood effect remains red when using any colorblind mode The vehicle explodes or player dies after a single bump while driving Players hear the sound of the opponent's footstep from wrong direction Revive timer visually resets when a second player attempts to revive a downed player while they’re being revived by another teammate Tires take no damage when shooting them from that vehicle's passenger seat The Coat (Camel) clothing item distorts considerably when diving out of the plane When pressing B button twice, friend invite pop up window closes Magnifier feature in Xbox allows player's view to zoom in while playing the game If the match starts when G-COIN purchase pop up is being displayed, players fail to join the game User cannot rotate character or item models when previewing Sanhok Event Pass level rewards Consumable item timer does not reappear on-screen when switching away from and back to a player while spectating Red Zone disappears after a couple of seconds when the Playzone is small in Sanhok When embarking on a vehicle, the vehicle flips and explodes in the air If forming a party and cancelling Duo/Squad matching queue occurs at the same time, matching cancellation UI does not disappear. Rarely, character model appears invisible after repeatedly changing character previews in 'Appearance' menu followed by entering 'Sanhok Event Pass' previews The screen turns black right after the players are on the airplane. In some cases, there is a delay of showing (or does not show at all) user icon for career/Leaderboard/friend list When spectator is watching a player and the player uses a consumable, the health gauge does not display for spectators Map markers shift when viewing the map while spectating the opponent Multiple map markers are shown on the map while spectating opponents in Duo/Squad matches Settings tab reverts to the 'Control' tab when a controller is reconnected and confirmed after a disconnection Leaderboard shows 'No Data' when switching rapidly between Leaderboard options Players sometimes spawn inside the elephant landmark in the staging area The grenade count is missing when spectating a player that is holding a grenade Occasionally the grenade throwing arc remains visible when aiming and downed at the same time Parachute remains open when attempting to land on top of holes in roofs or skylights Spectated character's upper body clips when entering a vehicle while in the prone position When returning to the title screen from the main menu whilst in a squad, the player is removed from the squad but other players still see them in the squad If players with the ponytail haircut wear a cap or hoodies, part of the hair floats behind the character's head. Scrolling persists indefinitely when disconnecting the controller while scrolling through menu items Item name is missing when selecting skins on the bottom row in the wardrobe menu After acquiring grey rarity item from the crate, the rarity color of the items are shown as green Players are unable to enter a vehicle while sprinting Players cannot go into prone position from crouching position on steep slopes Part of a specific hairstyle floats in the air If a player leans and scopes while falling from a high location, the player continues leaning whilst falling When a teammate is speaking through the mic in lobby for both Duo/Squad, the speaker icon does not change Character goes to the surface of the water while pressing 'A' to 'Switch Slot' when the Inventory is open Need To Be Reported These are not wide-spread issues and require more player reports to be resolved individually. If you are experiencing one of these issues, please contact [customer support] Scrolling through items in the inventory stops working Please contact our customer support with the clip showing details of the issue Intermittent crash occurs when connecting to the dashboard Please contact our customer support and include the details of how it occurred Player can't see enemy players when in the final circle Please contact our customer support and include a screenshot of the issue Black screen displays when launching the game. Please contact our customer support along with the screenshot of the issue In rare instances, after climbing or vaulting, the player teleports to a different position Please contact our customer support with the clip showing the player's state before and after the issue occurs. Please note: *It may take some time for the resolved issues to be patched in game. *There could be issues under investigation or being resolved that are not included in the list above. *Some issues or bugs that appeared after the latest update may have been excluded from the lists to prevent potential abuse. *Please report any other issue or bug to our official forum.
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