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    Hey everyone, We are now back on track with our weekly updates! Since we haven't had our weekly updates for the past 2 weeks, we'll be updating this week's patch on Tuesday, May 16th. The patch will first get updated on our test servers today at the following hours: May 15th (Monday) 3 PM KST May 14th (Sunday) 11 PM PDT May 15th (Monday) 6 AM UTC The main servers will be updated with the new patch tomorrow, Tuesday May 16th, at 5 PM KST/1 AM PDT/8 AM UTC Early Access - Week 8 Patch Notes Client Performances Improvements Slightly improved the drop in FPS when driving vehicles Anti Cheat In order to prevent using "lag switch" to cheat, the characters will now be locked and will not be able to move, rotate and attack others when the ping exceeds a certain value You will no longer be able to remove the environment foliage by revising the .ini file Custom Games Fixed the issue that was causing the sound to break when there are too many vehicles in a small area Bug Fixes Partially fixed a bug that caused the character to get stuck in different objects in the environment Partially fixed a bug that caused the game client to freeze Fixed a bug that caused the crosshair to still be visible while in no-UI mode Temporarily removed the flash bang from the game as it was causing game clients to freeze/crash
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    Hola a todos, Estamos de vuelta con nuestras actualizaciones semanales! Dado que no hemos tenido nuestras actualizaciones semanales durante las últimas 2 semanas, actualizaremos el parche de esta semana el martes, 16 de mayo. El parche se actualizará primero en nuestros servidores de prueba en las siguientes horas: 15 de mayo (lunes) 15:00 KST 14 de mayo (domingo) 11 PM PDT 15 de mayo (lunes) 6 am UTC Los servidores principales se actualizarán con el nuevo parche mañana, martes 16 de mayo, a las 5 PM KST / 1 AM PDT / 8 AM UTC Early Access - Semana 8 Notas de revisión Mejoras de los cliente Mejorada la caida de FPS al conducir. Anticheto Con el fin de evitar el uso de "lag switch" para hacer trampa, los personajes ahora se bloquearán y no podran moverse, rotar y atacar a otros cuando el ping excede un determinado valor Ya no podrá eliminar el follaje del entorno modificando el archivo .ini Juegos personalizados Solucionado el problema que estaba causando que el sonido fallase cuando hay demasiados vehículos en una pequeña área Corrección de errores Arreglado un error que causaba que el personaje se atascara en diferentes objetos en el entorno Arreglado un error que causaba que el cliente de juego dejase de funcionar. Se ha corregido un error que causaba que el punto de mira permaneciera visible mientras se encontraba en modo sin UI. Eliminado temporalmente la flash bang del juego, ya que estaba causando que los clientes del juego se bloqueasen.
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    solo por la solución para el lag switch ya merece la pena, gracias por la info tio
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    Since there is a high amount of reports of Sound Issues, please follow the bug format and be as descriptive as possible. Some of the issues may be with drivers on your headsets, others will be addressed in the patch on 2017-04-06. If you still have issues after 2017-04-06 please contribute to this thread. Thanks. Okay! since the other posts have been deleted due to not following bugreportformat.. lets have another shot at this.. Bug Description: When encountering multiple sounds.. as in bombings nearby or when 3-4 players or more is having a shootout (lobby 100% of the times).. or when two cars are driving nearby I get crazy audio stutter/distortions. The volume of this stutter only gets louder and louder as if it is a feedback of sorts. While this was happening for me during the BETA last weekend 18th-19th of march i got really bad framedrops during the "feedback" however during EA 23:rd-24:th the frames seem to have gotten better atleast. When teleporting into the plane for airdrop the soundissues dissapear untill you're on the ground close to bombings or bigger shootouts. Youtube link for this phenomena recorded today: Date Seen: I encounter this everytime i play but the specific dates are: 18th-19th of march (beta) 23:rd-24:th of march (ea) and yes.. I do realize this is not the kind of bug you necessarily need the dates for but w/e Troubleshooting Attempted: During Beta I first verified the gamefiles VIA steam. No issues encountered. I then re-installed the game (SSD) - no difference. I then installed it to a normal raptor SATA and had the same issues and longer loadingtimes ofc so I re-installed it again to the SSD and the same audio issues were still there. I did the same thing as above with the Early Access install and it was no difference. I have reinstalled GPU drivers and my audiodrivers. Nothing helped so far. I have swapped the graphical settings between minimum - average - maximum, it made no difference on sound. I adjusted the soundlevels and it made no difference. I tried other headphones and a different output, made no difference for me or the stuttering. In the end I even Optimized the game with the crappy "G-force Experience" and disabled V-sync but it made no difference. Other Information: When this stutter occur mid-game on the island.. say i am in a small town and someone is throwing a grenade, two people are shooting rapidly and a car drives by.. this stutter occur but it fades away pretty quick after some of the "different sounds" dissapear.. and then the sound is back to normal if there are no extra sounds for a couple of seconds. So its not unplayable for me unless im in the middle of a warzone heh. /C
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    Hey dencio, left shit is hard coded to not be changed at the moment. It should be able to be rebound in the future.
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    The problem was with the size of GUI elements. Win set it to 150%. Reducing it to 125% solved my problem. So the topic can be closed. Thank you.
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    Hello OP, I also have the exact same issue. Same troubleshooting performed, including a fresh install of Windows-OS in diag pic. It should be noted that this issue happens with or without Creative Sound Blaster Zx installed. - Staging area Bonus clip #WWCD
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    The problem with third person in this game (and to an extent freelook) is that it overly favors and promotes defensive play. I had a situation last night where I had a showdown against another guy in a field. Each of us was behind a rock about 30 feet away from each other. I poke my head out with the lean and I KNOW he sees me from behind his rock even though I can't see him. He pops his head out to take the shot, and I headshot him, but he could have easily sat there and monitored my every move and only popped out when I was approaching and exposing myself. In first person, this weird omniscience goes away. If you wanna see where someone is, you have to expose yourself to investigate. Otherwise you sit and hide but now you are vulnerable to a rushdown, especially if the guy throws a smoke on top of you. First person mode is not by any means perfect right now. The FOV is super zoomed in, some of the animations are glitchy, and the general fluidity is just not there. HOWEVER, I do think that switching to first person will help the game A LOT, and I agree with Canis that it IS as simple as making it a toggle. For whatever reason, it seems PU is hesitant to do that now. Perhaps he wants as many people as possible playing the third person game so he can balance it out and get feedback and telemetry before letting them escape to first person. Another note about third person - you see third person pretty often in console multiplayer games (Gears of War and Uncharted), but in those games, the time to kill is WAY higher than in PUBG. So the ability to see around corners is counter-balanced by the fact that rushers can tank some shots. In Gears, rushers can also snap to cover and regen health just by not getting shot (don't need a health pack) too. In Uncharted, everyone has insane acrobatics they can use to dodge fire and in UC4, you could hire a bot to follow you and heal you. In PUBG, there's no auto-heal, no cover snapping, no insane acrobatics. The TTK is either near-instant (in the case of SMG and assault rifles) or instant (shotgun blasts or sniper rifle headshots). Rushing is VERY DANGEROUS. And that's why you get a campy game with everyone abusing the freelook. If PU wanted to keep the game third person for competitive, he would be wise to get rid of the free look cam and increase TTK, but I don't think anyone really wants that. The low TTK adds tension, but the ability to abuse corners, trees, and rocks makes defensive play too unfair.
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    The video itself, no. I did find an older thread though, regarding the same problem. (I'm assuming it's the same, because it sure does sound like it)
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    This is an Alienware Area 51 R2 Windows 10 Intel i7-5930K and 2x NVIDIA GTX 970 in SLI. Happy to provide more info if it's helpful.
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    Полностью траву убрать невозможно. Тени да, есть такое... Пока разрабы не блокируют это, значит можно пользоваться Отображение игроков не зависит от дальности прорисовки - у меня все на самом минимуме и видно врагов на большом расстоянии , снайперить возможно
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    Landing on the pipes makes you fall through unable to jump over, crouch or prone through the metal poles. Had a friend shoot me so I could possibly crawl through, still nope. GG thanks for shitting on me. Have some common sense and fix it so you it's static and you can walk on it or remove the poles surrounding the pipes so you can't get stuck on something so stupid. It's the little things that matter and stuff like this is game breaking. Please make a hotfix.
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    I like having something random that will alter the local dynamic of the game, the rhythm, and provide both opportunities and difficulties for people. But it's current implementation isn't that good: it doesn't do much, when it does it kills randomly, there's not control over the randomness so I've seen the same building hit by 3 consecutive red zone, and so on. It needs work.
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    The Red Zone adds absolutely nothing to the game, other than fps drops. Get rid of it. It's not supposed to kill people, but it does - and when that happens, it just leads to frustration. I freaking hope this feature doesn't make it into the 1st person servers, where people care about their rank. It's just stupid to have something so RNG, in a skill based game. Imagine you're pinned down by another team, having a nice firefight and the red zone spawns on top of you and you have to move, the other team doesn't. If you run from cover, the enemy team will get a clear shot and probably kill you. If you stay, you might get hit by the bombs. Getting bombed is a small chance, but it happens. I've had it happen to me a few times - and it usually leads to me, not playing the game more that evening.
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    Bluehole Inc. is looking for an Assistant Community Manager for BATTLEGROUNDS who will build communities with players in France, Spain, Germany, Russia and Brazil. As an assistant community manager, you’ll collaborate with Community Teams in North America and Europe to build an active community around BATTLEGROUNDS. You will share your passion for the game with players from your region while ensuring consistent messaging across all communication channels. What we look for: You love meeting new people within the BATTLEGROUNDS community. You enjoy interacting with community members and checking in with them over the course of a day. You deliberately spend time and build relationships with community members who provide valuable feedback. You perceive ways to satisfy players’ communication needs and interest. You are dedicated to ensure that effective communication flow is maintained between the dev team and our community. You communicate fluently in English and your native language. Responsibilties Enjoy playing BATTLEGROUNDS with community members Conduct activities geared towards connecting players and rewarding outstanding members of the community Work with the community and moderation teams to identify the best community members across all channels Develop and cultivate relationships with players that are meaningful and drive awareness of community initiatives Join in on important conversations about BATTLEGROUNDS everyday Summarize insights and conversations in forums to create actionable reports for the dev team Create and maintain content calendars, if necessary Translate community content into your native language Post relevant content in forums and social media in accordance with content calendars Review comments and posts in a timely manner Coordinate with the CM team to ensure communication consistency Enforce social media/community management guidelines as defined by the CM team Escalate player-generated content, when necessary, to the CM team Qualifications 1-2 years of experience in moderating forums or gaming communities Demonstrated ability to produce community management guidelines and documents Excellent verbal, written, and presentation skills Ability to identify and track relevant community metrics Excellent interpersonal skills to interact with community members Attention to detail and ability to multitask Proficiency with Microsoft Office Instructions for applications: Please submit all your documents at once to PUBG_jobs@bluehole.net The title of your email should be “[Application] Assistant Community Manger – Country – Name”. Please submit below: Resume in English (Format: MS Word document and/or PDF) Submit answers to below questions and provide relevant links or references. (Format: MS Word document) Why do you want to join the BATTLEGROUNDS Community Team? Why are you qualified for this position? Be specific. What is your Steam profile link? What games do you play? Submit samples of your work if you have any. (Format: MS Word document) Include writing samples of forum/blog posts, newsletters, or other written content. You could also include examples of community building efforts either using social media or other platforms. If you don’t have any samples to submit, you can be creative and share your own ideas or suggestions. Thank you. - BATTLEGROUNDS Community Team
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