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    Hello everyone, Since the Vikendi update in January, many of our players have been experiencing performance issues. As we previously stated on February 15, our dev team has been focusing on fixing these issues, with a tentative update scheduled for February 28. Sadly, due to technical issues which would result in further harm to game stability, we made the difficult decision to push back the patch date to March 5. Also, some players reported that they were being matched to servers outside of their region, causing high pings, network lag, desync, and instances of rubberbanding. This was resolved with a server-side patch on February 27 and players will now be matched into their local region, unless the matchmaking pool of the region is too small. Please let us know if this issue persists, we will be keeping an eye out for reports regarding this issue. We know that many of you have been waiting for this update to hit the live servers, and we’re sorry to have let you down. We’re working our hardest to resolve the technical issues and deliver a stable update next week. To thank you for sticking with us through all of these issues we are also preparing a token of our appreciation. We will give you more information on this and how it will be distributed as we get closer to March 5. Thank you all for your patience. PUBG Console Team
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    Ya, times up. Your commercials for vikendi really piss me off, extreme false advertising, unless you also show games crashing, people falling through map, buildings not loading in, sick of people leaving this game for crap games like apex just because you dont care about the console version of your game. Shouldn't be running commercials like that with the game in this state.
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    Thanks for your patience guys. We'll get this update shipped in just a few more days. Really appreciate the support and understanding!
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    Lol you're still here. Calling yourself great, and 300 IQ, with a perfectly normal play against a bad player. Reminder that your lifetime win ratio is under 7% and your K.D is 1.08. Stay humble 😂
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    For one I am kinda glad, cant deal with newly introduced bugs at the moment as I actually have time to play. So good work on the delay dev team, thanks!
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    Hi, this is correct. The Bizon, Canted Sight, Moonlight weather mode, option for default fire modes (Full auto, burst or single fire), weapon inspection option and more. Keep an eye on the Xbox News and Patch Notes section for the full detailed patch notes.
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    I did not get credit for this kill....but the guy must have been ticked off to be killed by a door. Also I had no idea that door > dacia. https://xboxdvr.com/gamer/naturlbrnklr/video/70008648
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    I think the map selection will change in some way after the pass is over... Whilst this is what I personally want I do believe an individual map selection will hurt certain maps, Miramar specifically... I think Erangel and Miramar grouped together with Vikendi and Sahnok individually would work best.
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    If I'd just say something quick, this sir is the dumbest topic ive seen on here, and I assure you, Ive seen some pretty dumb topics
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    I think you need to add "None" as an option to Q3, or don’t make it a mandatory answer. I can’t submit my answers..
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    Maybe enough people asking Microsoft for their money back will make the situation different, I cant be the only one that's fed up. I bought an x, an elite, sd hard drive, astro a50s, all basically because this game is broke and I wanted it to function better. I dont regret these purchases because they improve other games, but cmon pubg, it really is false advertising if the game doesnt work as advertised. I love the idea of this game, but the reality is that apparently they cant get it to work on the og xbox, so now everyone with an x is screwed too. I've been with pubg on xbox since like day one, and I dont want my money back, I just want the game to work, but my friends are leaving, and solos arent that much fun so I'm getting desperate. And losing hope. And they shouldn't be running commercials like that until the game works because if I bought the game right now expecting the commercial I would want my money back and I dont want those people to leave either. Stupid. How the hell are you gonna ask og xbox owners to complete missions at the castle for a pass they paid for? Like seriously? Its theft really. I tried for an hour last night to land at castle with my friend for his missions and it was a joke. He has an og, and I have an x with ssd, just playing with him made the game unplayable for me, I dont know how those og xbox users do it. Must have the patience of karate zen master monks. Works fine for me, everything is loaded in, but when your partner is totally handicapped bouncing on the ground waiting for buildings to load in, it makes an already difficult game impossible. It's kinda scammy actually, with commercials for vikendi like you guys are running. "Every day is a snow day"? Lololololoolo 😂🤣😅🙂😐😕😢😭
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    Also ganz ehrlich. Die Flareguns in die normalen Runden packen und das ganze sogar "von den Spielern gewünscht" und "langerwartet" zu nennen schlägt dem Fass einfach den Boden aus. Ich werde PUBG jetzt nicht mehr spielen. Die überwältigende Mehrheit der Spieler ist sich doch absolut einig, was dieses Spiel dringend nötig hat und sagt es euch immer wieder. Wie kann man denn so tun, als würde man was langerwartetes, cooles, neues bringen und dabei wissen müssen, dass man dadurch nur Spieler verliert und sonst nichts. Wie betrunken sind eure Devs während der Arbeit? Das überschreitet ja die Linie zum Spiel absichtlich an die Wand fahren. Aber ich liste gerne nochmal auf: -entfernt die Flaregun aus dem Spiel -entfernt die 3er Helme aus dem Spiel -entfernt die Airdropshöhle aus dem Spiel -entfernt die Redzone aus dem Spiel -balanced den Loot auf den Maps neu insbesondere Erangel und Vikendi -entfernt dieses Survivalsystem und führt wieder ein richtiges Ranking ein -führt eine Multi-Mapauswahl ein, sodass man einzelne Maps ausschließen kann -fügt neue kostenlose Skins hinzu oder macht wenigstens die alten kostenpflichtigen Kisten gratis, PUBG ist ein Vollpreistitel und eure Gier im Shop wird langsam maßlos -und führt endlich die fix-pubg-Kampagne zuende und fixt dieses Game, das Spiel ist instabiler, verbuggter und hat schlechtere Performance als im April 2017 Ich spiele PUBG erst wieder, wenn hinter jeden dieser Punkte ein Haken gesetzt werden kann.
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    I hope this gift from the Devs is a bunch of BP for everybody. How great would that be? Cause there's so much new stuff to spend your BP on right? I mean yeah. BP! I just can't get enough of it.
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    no. the aiming is fine. Yes it is an acquired taste, but its working the way its supposed to.
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    Its pretty horrible. I just had a solo match with Dual Mk14's. Sounds great, right? Nope. Killed a guy with another Mk14. And another guy with a AWM. Then I got killed by someone with an Aug. Silly. If everyone has something special, no one is special. Good lord, Blueholes. Get it together.
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    Please no map selection. I think that would be the death of this game. People won't be able to get games on maps they want and you'll really notice the ghost town. Most modern games I've played recently don't have map selection for this reason.
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    I think flare guns should be much much rarer. There are like 5 flares shot every match on Sanhok and in the top 10 everyone is fully decked out and has at least one drop gun. This makes it quite hard to compete with normal guns and it´s kinda over the top in mid game. (the constant plane noise is annoying too + normal drops loose a lot of value) Imo a flare drop should be a rare event that occurs max once every match or even only every few matches. If it´s not enough I´d rather increase the loot to 2 crate kits
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    This is what separates good players from great players
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    So, I'm coming in here as a no body, trying to post my thoughts on the current state of the PUBG for Xbox, and ideas on how to improve it. Maybe the developers won't read this, maybe they already know what I'm about to suggest, but it's worth a try. I've been playing almost since Xbox Pre Alpha launch 14 months ago and the game has come a long way since then. I still play most days now, and honestly, I don't find it that bad except for a few issues. I run the game on and Xbox One X with an SSD, so loading times are great for me. I can deal with bugs in the game, as an app developer (Stats Tracker for PUBG for iPhone) I know that development is hard. However, for a while now, it's really seemed that the attention that the console versions of PUBG are getting, compared to the attention the PC version gets is seriously lacking. I don't know how many devs work on each side, but it seems obvious that the console side needs help. Development and updates seem incredibly slow, and communication is poor. I think to get the player base back, which has seriously dropped for since Apex was released, 2 things need to be done. 1) Add a proper skill based ranking system that goes up and down depending on how well you play. The removal of the old leaderboards, and the addition of the Survival Title was a poor decision. The Survival Title and it's leaderboards are simply "the more you play, the higher rank you are". There is no incentive to actually play well. Survival Title is a valid system, but only along side a skill base rank system. Halo 5 has both, and they work well. Service Rank is a rank that only goes up the more you play, and CSR is a rank that goes up and down depending on how well you play. 2) Add map selection Since Vikendi was released on consoles, the matchmaking has been just dreadful. To put it simply, you either choose a map that isn't ready (see flying cars, falling through the map), or you choose the other 3 maps combined. To make it worse, the auto region selection has been a disaster. Solo players in EU getting put in OC matches, for over a month now. I understand that map selection could kill Miramar completely, but players at the moment are having to waste 10 minutes backing out of games because they get Miramar 3/4 times in a row. Map selection should be you select the maps you are willing to play and it'll put you in one of those maps. Players can still have all the maps selected, and matchmaking will just stick them in the best lobby for there region. It may add problems where players with get put in Sanhok matches all the time because most players have Sanhok as their only selected match, meaning most lobbies will be Sanhok. But they can always unselect Sanhok to get a different map. A reason I feel that map selection is important on consoles is because many players may only have limited time to play the game, in the evenings for example. Say you have 1 hour to play PUBG in the evening, you probably don't want to play 1 Miramar match with average loot, and 1 Erangel match. Before the Vikendi update you could easily play 3 Sanhok matches in a hour and have good loot to enjoy the game. I haven't mentioned the region issue too much as it was mentioned that they've made a server side change to fix this for Xbox players. Desync is still an issue, but all online games have some sort of lag. It's part of online gaming. There's a lot more I could write here, but I doubt I'll get any sort of a response.
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    Asking for gifts is very tacky. That was cringworthy to read.
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    I dunno, big companies enjoy making money - the majority of people who have left PUBG for other titles have generally done so due to performance issues (going on most feedback i've read). If they were to build a PUBG2 literally from the ground up on a better engine they'd have another goldmine on their hands. Personally i think they'd be crazy NOT to go down that route.......
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    Or maybe they actually nail the update patch and we get a stable version of the game with no rendering issues