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  2. Couldn't agree more. You need to find where you fit in.. If you can't win a fight face to face, then you probably should be smart and use your brain, choose better spots, gear up before the circle gets too small.. things like that.
  3. 45 fps would be 50% more than 30. Or is this math operation also wrong?
  4. Lost connection to host 70 players in game my game keeps crashing boring....
  5. Ya. Scarlett next year will unleash the beast. Can't wait.
  6. Is this a weekly thing people make a topic for? With current engine a locked 60fps is not going to happen. The engine is heavily CPU dependent for frames. Console CPUs are garbage (were borderline garbage when they released). PUBG Corp is not going to 100% overhaul the engine to be more GPU dependent. Its as simple as this: PUBG will never be 60fps on current consoles.
  7. Yes I think it does however the last one was extended by around a month or so. Currently as it stands if it finishes with the season pass then there is zero point me continuing to try but if there is talk of an extension then I’m going to continue grinding in hope I can make the parachute or maybe they make it easier for the remainder of the time.
  8. I've come a long way in this game through hrs of practice. Was a .8 kd with a chicken every 100 games or so. I'm currently 1.7 kd with a win every 30 or so matches. I handle recoil very well and win most 1v1's at cqc and up to 50 metres. The funny part is I'm only good if the guy sees me and we square off. If I get the jump on a guy and he's running past me at 20 to 50 metres I almost also miss the initial spray. I crouch and try to follow him but either my lead is off or my smoothness with following a moving target and spraying gets jumpy. Any other decent players out there ever struggle with this? If so how'd you fix it?
  9. Thanks Andy, Thanks for the reply, has there been any talk about the difficulty of earning SP? Cheers
  10. Dear Devs, Give me low quality options and turn off vsync on consoles and this developer will be my new and best friend. I just wanted the game to offer you more options that could beat the 30 fps barrier and you could choose one of your own. Put a warning that the game is designed to be played at 4K with 30 fps, but if I want to have a 60 fps mode that is 900 or 720p I'm fine with this for a console. Most players use a television and sit meters apart and can barely tell the difference between 720p and 1080p images at this viewing distance. Frame rate is universal and works at any viewing distance.
  11. Cuz u cant get away and noone has an advantage.
  12. да никак, репорти, а братики разберутся😁
  13. What controller setting do you play? Left on dpad sets my fire rate. Also lean only works when soft aim or ADS . The ping doesn't menu doesn't pop up while soft aim or ads.
  14. If you’re playing squads / duos you should have a mic. I’m just gonna see spammed radio messages if I have to pull in a rando.
  15. I like random. Adds excitement to the game. I'm a decent player 1.7 kd and a 5% win. and I love not knowing if the dude I'm about to engage is a potato or a Shroud.
  16. Frame rate priority. Complete shutdown and restart was done after download. In NA. Normal ping of 3-20.
  17. Honestly people sleep on the full auto mk but the slr decked with a comp and cheek pad makes for a lazer Just watch the 3rd kill with it in this clip https://gamerdvr.com/gamer/thc-effect/video/77432358
  18. I prefer the guns to look factory. Many times I’ve seen a bright white / red / orange gun on a grass snakes / bush Wookiee’s back and punished then for it.
  19. Вот как тут понять читер или нет? Первый выстрел в точку летит 2й в голову хотя я не в прицеле
  20. Maybe if we talk about this every day the devs will get tired of reading about it and, in turn, they will add it into the game
  21. I stopped play r6 since the new season and just came back to pubg a month ago. The game may be broken but atleast we don’t have to deal with ash’s hit box 😂
  22. When leaning left then right quickly that might still activate the radio wheel which no one wants on their screen during battle. The 3 easier options would be put it in with the emotes, use left dpad or allow players to disable the feature altogether.
  23. I’ve noticed since update #5 that the M24 just isn’t reliable.... almost every time I pick it up shots go through people and hit dirt behind them.... targets sitting still on trees shots go right through them.... but this doesn’t happen with any other weapon.... I really use to love that sniper but I’m just not gonna pick it up anymore.
  24. When leaning left then right quickly that might still activate the radio wheel which no one wants on their screen during battle. The 3 easier options would be put it in with the emotes, use left dpad or allow players to disable the feature all together.
  25. Никак пока (кому то помогает VPN), на реддите проскакивает эта тема, так же вижу у стримеров, появилась вроде после 30го патча на тесте тоже самое
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