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  2. Yeah it's sadly a very common problem.
  3. Lived in Derby for a couple of years, back in the 90s.. feels like a lifetime ago Want to add that I'm born and bred in Yorkshire, don't want these others to think I'm a Southern nancy 😂😂😂
  4. he is really good but servers under his house helps alot 😂
  5. Pubg Lite ön kaydımı yapmama rağmen arkadaşıma hediye maili gelirken bana mail gelmedi. Bu durum hakkında bilgisi olan var mı?
  6. hi guys I seem to be getting Lag when landing and no loot loading in, is this a common problem?
  7. Way too many variables in this, its not like you are looking around much and are aware of your surroundings, you are fully focused on looking to the ground to pick things up in the most slow way. And even i am a beginner and can see this.
  8. @ellisonfire https://streamable.com/ay0wl this is what is happening 1-2 times every game, enough to make it unfair.
  9. Ok I meant to post this the other day and forgot, first day of the PTS on vikendi I got killed from I think #11 by mr thumbless himself, of course you've gotta stick around and watch after that.... I dont understand it? He was literally just running around the final few circles hunting for people in the wide open? If that was me I'd be mown down in seconds, he just never seemed to draw any fire from anyone and sure enough as it went on he found them one by one and killed them all 😂😂.... what gives? Is he just that good that he can use himself as bait in the knowledge he will still kill them even if they draw first blood? It was odd I know I'd be getting shot at from everywhere if I played like that.
  10. Originally from a little shithole in Kent (Chatham/Gillingham) but been in Leeds, yorkshire for years
  11. Yeah, scum everywhere. Its like a holding pen for the Jeremy Kyle show 😂
  12. Mrs works there, theres some sights to be seen around our way isnt there 😂
  13. Yep, constantly getting the 'server too busy' thing.
  14. UK, Derby Near Nottingham........Near Manchester.........Near London 😂 (for the Yanks, one of those will get a hit)
  15. Works for me https://gamerdvr.com/gamer/nathholloran/video/66384743
  16. I'm sat in an office watching this and burst out laughing. That was brilliant
  17. Hey Tak, did you look into this? Will wins and K/D ratio etc that are being recorded now be carried over to new season.
  18. Haha I'm from an even worse shithole.. Widnes
  19. I'm originally from somewhere much worse! Bolton! 😂😂... been over here 2 years now with the mrs who was from Halifax.
  20. Ravellron I now only get it since the server update switch over what ever it was this week.
  21. when PTS opens we usually get this error, lack of servers maybe.
  22. Since the xbox server update a couple of days ago is any one else getting lots of server error press A to try again messages. Also whats with the skins you but in the crates. Im fed up with the same flip flops and slip on shoes and the same weapon skins. All i get are the silver and rugged beige. And since the server update i cant sell on my exces skins or clothes. Its getting annoying
  23. I'm 99% sure they are reverse engineering the most popular cheats already.
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