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    S12K burst/Crossbow incendiary

    What's the point of having burst on a semi auto shotgun? You can fire it pretty quickly as it is.
  3. yooooung1337

    youngHEHE PUBG Highlights #1

    https://youtu.be/dr_agyxin1w Leave a comment - feedback appreciated :)

    Time for an SSD?

    I ended up getting a 1x and an SSD. Rendering problem gone completely. COMPLETELY! The game has never run better for me. Everything loads in quickly, getting back to the lobby or re-joining a game seems to be quicker. The only occasional problems that I still have are the freezes and de-sync. Not sure how much better an OG becomes with an SDD but I can say that it is well worth it to buy one for a 1x. I ended up getting the Samsung T5 256GB SSD. read/ write speeds during testing have been 400+ which is not bad.
  5. I've noticed a similar thing. When looting sometimes I go to pick up something, think I've got it only to take some steps and realize it didn't register. Dragging stuff from one side of the loot menu to my side is delayed a little too sometimes. I think it might be a server/client issue in responding back and forth. but I'm no informed expert.

    Reporting players -xbox

    I agree the reporting options in game are limited. There should be more options for sure... As for the supposed Aim Botting, the general consensus seems to be that it is not possible to get those types of hacks on the Xbox one. I for one have never seen nor suspected someone in Pubg of using an aimbot. Some players are really that good and others just get lucky from time to time. Some kills are bound to seem fishy with so many thousands of players playing at the same time. If you have any sort of video evidence that would really help too. Since the in game reporting options are limited, your best bet is to include a clip and submit a ticket on the website.

    I found this post (PUBG REVENUE)

    I suppose you could, but using the controller would put you at a disadvantage to the mouse and keyboard on PC. I would just say to start from scratch and learn the M&K if you're going to go through the trouble of building a PC capable of handling pubg anyways.

    Indicator of game mode during game please?

    You knock one, go for the second guy expecting him to drop instantly and have that " Oh Shit " moment when he gets knocked as well and you haven't been paying attention looking for a 3rd or 4th teammate There used to be a bug a few months back, I would play duos with random, see a guy in my lobby but then when the game starts I'm all alone. Because of that, sometimes I'd forget I'm in a duo lobby and would be surprised as shit to see 2 guys running at me at the same time
  9. Gazgolf

    I found this post (PUBG REVENUE)

    And yet pubg WTF still releases a YouTube video every day with all the random stuff going on.
  10. avoideray

    Error servers are too busy

    I am not an authority but I get the servers are too busy error once in a while also (NA West coast). I think it means precisely what it says the Pubg servers are too busy. If I'm not mistaken the second error (fail to authenticate) is when Steam cannot be contacted to verify your login credentials. Since you are getting both errors a lot is it possible your internet connection is not as robust or reliable as it needs to be? modem? router wired/wireless connection? Internet service provider? PC network setup?
  11. https://www.pubg.com/2019/02/26/a-letter-from-the-anti-cheat-team/
  12. I think it's absolute nonsense that the only reporting options when you suspect someone is cheating is griefing, team killing, etc. And not a single one refers to aim bots ( one player ADMITTED to using one and still nothing happens.) This is why this game is dying on Xbox. Anyone know if or when options will be added to report for cheating
  13. spanker63


    I'm gonna take a wild guess and say no.
  14. avoideray

    General Map Issues

    Wish I could have edited the original but too late by several days The date was actually 4/20/2019 and not Feb.
  15. trakkerx

    I got my highest kill game but finished #2

    Nice! Mine was 7 for ages then I also hit 10, several times actually but managed 13 recently in squads, so that’s your next target! let me know when you have done it and we can aim for 15 together! Lol
  16. I can see it and I can also feel your pain!!! Its one of the most annoying things in the game that gets you so mad that you could smash the console up! I have also noticed that footsteps seem to disappear if someone runs up a slight banking on Miramar. Twice now I have been killed by someone with no footsteps when in the middle of a shoot out and they run up the banking to one side.
  17. Thanks for the replies! I have so far tried everything I know of / mentioned in the guide without any effect. I will update this post in case I ever come across a solution! Does anybody know if there is a way to enable a log in PUBG? Maybe a log file could shed some light on it! 🤔
  18. TheWookieWay

    Vehicle handling is terrible again

    That isn't enough most of the time. I am a professional driver, and I used to race in the 90s. the problem is their driving physics took a hit again recently, and the vehicle responds in a way that isn't physically possible, and as though it has 1,000 horsepower instead of 1/5th or less of that.
  19. Maybe it's harder to move diagonally on stairs than a flat surface in real life? Dunno. I haven't noticed this issue in the game.
  20. same issue, after recent patches sometimes when going into the deathcam/replay the game freezes on loading screen
  21. Also, I tried the Dolby Atmos for Headphones and for me the surround sound isn't nearly as precise as selecting the regular 'ol "optical headset" setting in the Xbox settings. This was a disappointment for me. But I do have a Dolby Atmos TV and when I run PUBG audio in Dolby Atmos through the speakers, it sound incredible.
  22. You can clearly see it twice. When I pick up the SKS and start moving up and jump up the upper deck, and again after picking up the shells and bandages while getting shot. I never have diagonal movement issues absent stairs, so no reason to change it, this is a game problem, not a settings problem
  23. pajama dad

    Indicator of game mode during game please?

    I do something similar almost every time! We start with duos, then another friend jumps on, so we run 3-man squads... I am very often surprised when I see more than two baddies trying to shoot me.
  24. TheWookieWay

    PUBG lights in building super bright

    mysteriously, i have not seen this bug in quite some times. Shadows are on Very Low specs are same as my last post
  25. so, when u shoot near a bike, if u position ur self correctly the gun sounds will be much lower https://streamable.com/qhh8u not sure if only works with bikes not sure if it lowers for every1, i would assume no but who knows guessing the bike somehow blocks the sound since the barrel of the gun is on the other side of it compared to the player
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