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  2. Just use a site like PubX. You'll be able to check all previous seasons and sort by whatever you like.
  3. Now that season one is over and season two has started, will the leaderboards for season one be updated to reflect what the numbers were at the end of the season? The leaderboards stopped updating like a month or two before the season ended which was really frustrating. I get that nobody likes the new system in its current implementation, but can it at least be accurate for what actually happened up until the end?
  4. personally i think its a little stale in its current form....... either change targets to resemble real player models or introduce bots with health, we all know which would be easier
  5. 21 Mayıs tarihinde eklenen yeni hata düzeltmeleri, Türkçe Güncelleme Notlarına eklendi, ilgin için teşekkürler!
  6. My favorite is they added an animation to visually check the fire mode of your gun by holding left on dpad. Its fairly recent. Why would this ever be necessary? At the very leasy, why is it more important than fixing the 2x blurriness?
  7. Hello guys, so I wanted to download PUBG once again (as i don't play it because of some now fixed bugs) I start it up, and all that goes up is black screen. And it starts twitching! If I have to describe the twitching, have you ever played any game in a window? If you press Alt+Enter, you force the game into fullscreen. It looked like if something was permanently trying to Fullscreen > Window, Window > Fullscreen. But I didn't see anything. Can somebody help? I like this game and it's a shame that I can't play it. :(
  8. all pub needs to do is take 6 months and rebuild pubg from scratch exclusively for the xbox and trash this horrible PC port. but thats too mush like right
  9. The latest server maintenance has reintroduced the bug that places EU players Onto OC servers if the player does not wait 10 seconds for the “OC” red logo to disappear from the ready up select on the main menu. This problem was squished in an update since “Ping based matchmaking” was instated. However, the latest server maintenance has reintroduced it. This is a critical bug as EU players that mash the A button to get into a game are being placed on OC servers and the latency is so bad as to make the match effectively unplayable. More casual players that do not know the nuances of waiting for the OC logo to disappear will be put on these servers and assume the game is supposed to have 1 second delays to opening doors and looting items. Their impression of the game will be tarnished and they may never return to the game, something which is a problem as EU servers struggle to fill the lobby as it is. What should be happening is EU players should be put onto NA servers after 1 am as matches are starting with a third of a lobby. @PUBG_Andymh5 @Takarii
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  11. flashbangs are already awesome, people just don't use them
  12. I like all of the small cosmetic things that increase my immersion. This isn’t PUBG Lite.
  13. Not possible, there are no AWS server farms in the middle east.
  14. You're not the only one. But when I see no one is in the queue, I don't sit in it. I just go chase people around rocks in TPP, like a stooge. Kinda boring, lol.
  15. Buy the game, you'll be beta testing immediately!
  16. A 2x2....sweet! I dig the sound it makes along with the Mini14.
  17. If interested in joining reach me on discord - Thumbs Nasty#0371 Pulse is a formerly multi-sponsored, competitive oriented team. Drawing from roots primarily in the Call of duty, and Halo realm of Esports. Our focus is developing an organization of players aspiring to reach the next level in professional Esports, regardless of previous experience. However, results will not be quick or easy, therefore we are extremely selective, about who meets the standard to wear our family name. If you meet and maintain these standards, you will be welcomed and remain within the Pulse family. These stadards include: Callouts, Teamwork, Attitude, Friendliness, Esports motivated, Remaining active, Being Coachable, dedicated to improvement. 5.5+ KD in at least 100 matches. CROWN OR HIGHER
  18. I don’t know, honestly. We’re gonna find out together.
  19. Sure looks like an 8x doesn't it … ??
  20. No. Just no. It fills a niche. It doesn't need any attachments. It's a beast as it is. High skill weapon.
  21. ...there is a third digit in the minutes. Wish I wasn't the only damn person on planet Earth trying to play FPP on the PTS. 😒
  22. That there is a twitchbag scrub. Good job with the kill!
  23. I just played a game where, after returning to the game after my game crashed. I couldn't switch optics or put a new optic on my gun. I tried dropping the gun and picking it back up, everything.
  24. Hi guys, I am doing an Investigation about the Joker skin, Apparently the Joker skin is now missing the black rings the previously came with the gcoin costume in xbox and ps4. the rings was in the skin when They announced the Joker skin in PUBG PS4 and PUBG Xbox after couple months an update caused these rings removed, disappeared. we reported this in PUBG PS4 bug report and PUBG Xbox bug report and non of the Moderators respond abut this Case. I am asking if anyone in PC owns the Joker skin pls go and check if the rings still there or not, this will help me to understand what's going own
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