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  2. It seems that we losing connection on vekindi and miramar more them the other maps !!
  3. Developers could speak out about proximity chat, albeit to say it will not be implemented. This is something the player base really wants and it would be nice to have some information about it.
  4. Bad idea. Leaning left then right could cause this also as it seems theres a delay when coming out of ads. There's other options. Pretty sure I already gave u better examples of properly mapping this new feature as have others.
  5. I've been in this boat since day one. It's funny to remember what the game was like at launch! LOL A huge amount of rubberbanding! They corrected the errors, yes. Much has been done. But the framerate was forgotten. It still varies and has not reached 30 stable fps. Unfortunately. The game received refinement in all areas, but the framerate was forgotten. With 2 years of development we should already have 30 stable fps.
  6. Nem me fala cara, eu desisti do jogo por vários meses.. Meu ping ficava lá na casa dos 120. Coloquei uma internet decente, ping 30~50 em servidores SP, mas tenho que jogar no NA com ping 150. Triste.
  7. This inconsistency aiming problem is due to framerate variations. I bet this only happens when the shootings happen at close range. With framerate priority mode this problem has been reduced but still exists. When the game reaches 30 fps stable the aiming mechanism will greatly improve. After 2 years of development they have not yet achieved this but with hard work and hope this should happen sometime before the release of the next generation of consoles.
  8. as someone who had game since release this isn't true. Think you guys forget just how bad game was running at release. PUBG Corp has also given full breakdowns on optimizations to level streaming and other things...to suggest they haven't done anything for optimization is just inaccurate. Can they do more? Maybe, i'm not a developer, i don't see the code they are looking at....but game just in such a better place imo then it was a year ago.
  9. These setbacks are part of the PUBG universe. We had a time when it was more than one crash per match. Have fun! LOL
  10. A skin for my skinned ak like a sticker would be cool
  11. Type a. Someone mentioned using hold left dpad. I'd use the Emote wheel lb + rb if it were up to me or have the feature optional. If it doesn't happen to u your either playing solos or ur play style Is such that It doesnt hinder your leaning and moving during gun fights. Lucky you!
  12. There are over 30 upgrades and framerate is not 20% better than the game's release almost two years ago.☹️☹️☹️☹️☹️ Cosmetic content only. Just it. Performance (framerate and netcode) are the same always. If they want to give PUBG a new life, it would be nice to optimize the game and not consume all development resources just by carrying PC content.
  13. We aren't playing PTS this time because the SP earned rate is so slow that we are still trying to hit our 6000 level (I still have 703 SP to go). I would already be well above 6000 if PUBG hadn't made it harder to earn SP this season.
  14. Why is voice chat with enemy not working on my pubg mobile, i have done everything, went to settings audio there is no team/all option. And during gameplay i already clicked 'all ' but it still doesn't work. I am good in technologies so don't give me a simple answer I've went thru all the settings and now i can even close my eyes n adjust the settings, but why cant i speak to enemies on pubg mobile, developers did you remove this option on pubg mobile...
  15. and sorry don't mean to be short here. Just see this so often lol. I have PUBG on PC and yes 60 frame pubg is fantastic. I expect an updated version for new consoles that will have 60 frames and higher quality graphics and we'll all be happy lol. (well those who buy new system)
  16. I feel like it’s a dsync/ connection thing. some of my recent cqb fights feels like I’m stuttering slightly while the other players movements are perfectly fluid without any stutter and then they just two tap me all within seconds
  17. 100% I know people will say that different teams are working on different things... but there's absolutely more that could be done. How much more? I dunno. Its possible that the design of the maps prevents the xbox from achieving more. Draw distances, polygon counts, sight lines, etc. all designed for pc. To get them to run on an xbox might require more cuts to detail and graphical features than would be necessary were the game designed with consoles in mind.
  18. It's still an overhaul from top to bottom any way you look at it. This late in the game and with a new console on the horizon.... why would they reinvent the wheel?
  19. Couldn't agree more. You need to find where you fit in.. If you can't win a fight face to face, then you probably should be smart and use your brain, choose better spots, gear up before the circle gets too small.. things like that.
  20. 45 fps would be 50% more than 30. Or is this math operation also wrong?
  21. Lost connection to host 70 players in game my game keeps crashing boring....
  22. Ya. Scarlett next year will unleash the beast. Can't wait.
  23. Is this a weekly thing people make a topic for? With current engine a locked 60fps is not going to happen. The engine is heavily CPU dependent for frames. Console CPUs are garbage (were borderline garbage when they released). PUBG Corp is not going to 100% overhaul the engine to be more GPU dependent. Its as simple as this: PUBG will never be 60fps on current consoles.
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