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  2. DeadlyEggXoP

    Newish PC gamer

    Best way to learn quickly is to team up with someone better than you. if you don't have friends currently that play the game then you can find some in a discord channel ? or just go random duos or squads and try to listen to your team ? The training ground is good to learn a bit about the gun handling,
  3. Even though it's been written out for them many times too.
  4. Rkfeather


    This is probably the best attitude to have. I dont think bluehole has the resources in place to actually review all reports at this point. Policy update may have been more of a scare tactic or to appease forum users? Seems business as usual too me.
  5. Nice dude! feels good when you put in the work and have a stellar game! keep it up💪🏼
  6. MrSoggyWaffle25

    I got my highest kill game but finished #2

    Nice job dude!! 🤘🏼 Think my personal best was 16 on solos with the chicken dinner
  7. MrSoggyWaffle25

    Indicator of game mode during game please?

    No sir. It would be blank where your team would be
  8. Braydenmaine22

    Next gen

    Well the game is probably unsalvageable at this point on current consoles. If they rebuild this game as a next gen only game, it would probably be the best we can hope for. Because teetering between the OG and 1X is not working. If its just a port, i imagine they will run in to the same dev problems, but masked by the better hardware.
  9. blackwings679

    Next gen

    So been doing some reading and pretty excited for next gen consoles. Pubg was pretty much on xbox first and the player base was with it from its infancy on the console to what we have today with it on both ps4 and xbox one. How much of a slap in the face would it be if rumors are true and the PS5 gets an updated version of the game while xbox is basically sitting with the same game we have now? I know rumors are just that rumors bit to every rumor is always a grain of truth. Maybe the info is not fully gathered in and they only report what they have or its 100% a full on false issue. But in lets say the 5% chance the rumors are true that to me would be a huge slap in the face to xbox players everywhere. I will be pasting my source at the bottom figured it would make an interesting discussion point. https://www.dexerto.com/pubg/leak-pubg-ps5-4k-565193
  10. Nightscope74

    Ongoing issues

    First time I've heard Anyone mention this problem in the forums.
  11. DeadlyEggXoP

    Vehicule Planes cheats ?

    this is an uncommon cheat and the user gets banned pretty quickly it sucks when it happens to you. You need to just report and move on, they will be banned quite possibly are already banned.
  12. blackwings679

    Mouse and keyboard on xbox??

    Sounds good and thats not an issue at least for me. I am 90% never in a vehicle i prefer to stay more quiet and on foot and always on the move. May not be the most choice way to play but it works for me.
  13. DeadlyEggXoP

    I'm kinda getting mad now...

    If you play TPP squads between maybe 6pm and 12 midnight, you will get local games, it seems this is the preferred mode in OC region, the servers still exist and are just waiting for enough players to activate them. This has been proven a couple of months ago when w fairly large discord community banded together to test if there were still servers. they all joined FPP squads and we got FPP Squad matches in OC servers with 15 ping all night ... there just isn't enough players joining at the same time, in the same mode. it sucks .. but hey my 120 - 170 ping to SEA is still yellow according to pubg that's still "ok" ( i.e. its not red yet 😛 ) And that's pretty much all we can expect. PUBG cant do anything about there not being enough players .. if you offered Aussies something for free they would be here in a flash, but then they would be gone in as quick a flash so
  14. That's an awesome way of thinking about it
  15. Pupenhupe69

    Unsere Pläne, Erangel zu überarbeiten

    Könnt ihr mongos endlich mal mietbare server zulassen? Dann gewinnt ihr vielleicht auch mal wieder ein paar spieler. ist doch zum kotzen!!!!!!!!!!
  16. I appreciate the desire to eradicate cheats, they are annoying and should be burned at the stake. However your idea of splitting the player pool is only going to make things worse. I know plenty of players that quit because they never got a local game, which makes it even worse for others in that region and the problem compounds. PUBG do a lot against cheats probably more than any other game before it, and yes some still get through, and yes they cheat you out of wins here and there. And anti cheat is one of their biggest priorities, but they need money to keep up the work and so luckily they have a team of artists who know about as much as you do about anti cheat and therefore they work on skins and such that can help to bring in revenue for the anti cheat team. Its a balance hence anyone and everyone can have the opinion that the balance is too far one way and not far enough the other.
  17. ml9000

    in this garbage can?

    I don't know Google Translate worked consummately in this case.
  18. I started to love it in the last two weeks. The dps is amazing. It's nice to hurt vehicles too. Great against level three armor. I find it's pretty rare. And most don't pick it up so I usually don't see it on body's.
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  20. GimpUnknown

    I'm kinda getting mad now...

    As an OCE player, I feel your pain. But the reality is a simple lack of player numbers. I suspect PUBG corp does try to help the situation by back filling the OCE severs with Asian players (just a theory of mine as I often get squared up with mainland Chinese on the OC server), but that brings it own "problems". One point where I have to disagree with the OP. A 130ms ping is not kinda shit, it's totally playable. I end up on the NA servers at a 180ms ping a lot of the time and I'll be honest and say I really don't notice much difference in game play then when I'm on the OCE sever at 25ms. I do sometimes get put on servers with a 230ms ping, and that I do notice and I dislike. That seems to be a step too far in terms of playability.
  21. ml9000

    Vehicule Planes cheats ?

    not certain I dont believe is fun aniway , he executed me 2h prior ^^
  22. Yesterday
  23. DeadlyEggXoP

    Vehicle handling is terrible again

    Sorry but LOL, this is a game, the vehicles are not unpredictable, you can tell when they are likely to spin out or not and foot off the gas and turbo usually prevents the issue. Im pretty sure as a professional driver you didn't leave the gas pedal to the floor for the entirety of the races.
  24. zorg00

    Shotgun Chickens.....not by me

    It depends on how many pellets you connect with. Which is what's so frustrating about shotguns. The blood splatters are the same if you just did 24 damage, or if just did 72 damage. You can't ever just assume you're going to get that one shot kill and just keep shooting until you get the kill.
  25. BlazedInThe253


    I get team killed I reload and start again big fn deal.
  26. x1337LEE1337x


    Yes. That's how it's meant to be, the mods have stated on many occasions under no circumstances will teamkilling be tolerated, not in self defence not for any reason. You are meant to just let them do it and report. Problem is nothing happens to them. On pc after a number of reports a player is temp banned until investigated. But like others have said the game should detect the teamkill since it announces it on screen and ban them instantly. If you kill a teammate by accident and they report you.... Then don't play with them. And as the usual saying around here goes, don't play with randoms.
  27. I want to ask one problem always when I turn on the game I just downloaded me ^^ please enable stroge acces permission for this app in settings and restart the game ^^ I enabled everything as the game reminds me and still shows me there I even have enough storage space
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