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  2. I have downloaded the stream guys and am just having a listen through..... I hate how I sound on video 🤦‍♂️ I am certainly now harold with my commentary and think that maybe people were being nice last night lol 😂🤣
  3. We're getting what feels like a ton more desync now (I'm EU). There's a constant weird micro stutter where the game seems to stick on a frame for a moment, it looks like your internet is lagging or like the CPU is struggling. Actually, it looks and behaves very much like the Puma 6 chipset problem but I don't have a router with the Puma 6 chipset anymore. Everything feels very sluggish again, like the game is bogging down. It was great from the moment the main update arrived until the moment the patch arrived. I'm also seeing rendering pop-in again, the final layer of detailed textures specifically, it's noticeably worse. I was even seeing playdoh while parachuting yesterday which I haven't seen for a while (X1X with SSD).
  4. I have ~1500 matches and I play in the EU server, mainly in Duo. A month ago I thought my level was improving as I was winning more fights than I was loosing but now I struggle to get a good night and it's starting to be frustrating. Do you think the general skill level of the player-base is getting better and better? In Solo I still get some easy kills, but in Duo it's really hard and in Squad I just get wiped before saying hi. My shooting skills are good in CQC and kinda poor in longer range, but most of the time the other team just finds better positiong and gets easy kill. If I try to wait in cover most of the time another team comes from behind, if I try to move I get pwned. Kinda loosing my motivation right now. 😕
  5. Its not all about new accounts. My example was to show how weak the system was befor. And like you also wrote, they dont use hwid bans. Thats why i wrote, "its still to weak". But yeah, they finaly had done something and thats great so far.
  6. he had suppressed SKS. I'll tell him
  7. Idk i have not got it yet i do know that pc beard is gray
  8. Everybody that wants to play FPP, try to join lobby today all day please. I've been playing some FPP but with no more than 12 players. Let's bring back FPP. The way pubg should be played.(IMO)
  9. Isn't it a different colour?
  10. Today
  11. That's not what we're saying. Yeah, was. We're saying this game is having more and more trouble sustaining itself.
  12. the game is free to play since dec 2018 if i'm correct so some new account went there only to cheat this is why so much ban since december. (and they can easily comeback cause no hwid ban so....)
  13. I wasn't talking about a lock of the Vpn.... Its all about the high ping. (180+) If we have a Ping below 180, the system can find a match for us, even one on far away when nessacary. People couldn't use matchmaking servers outside their regions to find a match.
  14. ob du das schlimm findest oder nicht, es ist nich legal, nur so lernt mans es muss ins Geld gehn!
  15. You are pathetically sad!!!!! Btw keep RIP all my comments, I love it 😂😂😂😂😂
  16. Well the lack of players obviously proves you are in a minority
  17. That’s not a flying car, that’s the new UFO/Alien abduction update! 🤫
  18. If u wait they might bring stuff back like the beard was a lvl 85 item and now this time its available at 4k or 5k season rank
  19. I had some issues with rendering since the hot fix, guess it can be connected to flying cars too. Forgot how frustrating it is to run through walls on Vikendi. https://gamerdvr.com/gamer/dopestone1/video/76039145 Also, the whole Rozhok was missing when landing water town today, but I didn’t clip it. It’s not every game though. What happened to the beautifully running rendering from before the hotfix @PUBG_Andymh5? Thanks!
  20. https://gamerdvr.com/gamer/omega-god-333/video/76039126
  21. My clip doesnt work idk why but yeah cars still fly
  22. I will add though that this is the first time in 800 matches that I've had a clear cut ""WTF" moment, so that's not bad going, all games suffer from lag, desync etc from time to time.
  23. Dear Sir, I have lost my pubg account due to lost access of social media account i.e Facebook. I want to regain access of my pubg account (character ID- 5272796556). Help me to access my account.
  24. Had one of these myself yesterday 😂😂... I know my aim wasnt exactly perfect here but usually 5 shots from the automatic shot gun at point blank does the trick even if the aim isnt exact.... I dont think one of these drew blood 🙈. https://gamerdvr.com/gamer/ru88erdukzilla/video/76038967
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