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  2. It's a wonderful thing. it's the little things I appreciate.
  3. This is really the only thing you can think of to bitch about???
  4. I think the best way to do this would be to get another forum user to create a group chat party that everyone joins before the game starts (if they want to) and then that person invites you after the match so you can interview people. That way everyone is together already and instead of you inviting 30 people, we send one invite to you.
  5. Wish people played on the test server so we could play it. Might I suggest a time event to give people time to get on?
  6. When we get Middle East server #PUBG ! 😶 Is gonna happen soon or not ? a lot of players gonna play in this server . @PUBG_Hawkinz
  7. there have been a number of suggestions put out there. Some were pretty well developed- with user created graphics and such... But so far nothing has been done. Maybe eventually. Its probably pretty low on the devs priority list.
  8. I think the trick is to first spectate the player, you have to click on him and then you report him. I didn't use the option, but I know it's there.
  9. Anyone ever suggest changes in the way looting works on console? Since we don't have the convenience of a mouse wheel, looting crates is probably one of the biggest headaches in the console version. I don't think anything drastic needs to be done, maybe just some settings options to make looting flow a little better? Such as having an option to not show clothing items in the stack. Or letting us choose what order we like to see things in the stack, such as Ammo, meds, weapons, mods, etc. Even just putting clothing items and ammo that we can't use at the bottom would be a step in the right direction. Thoughts and feelings? Thanks
  10. Ahi les puse un tweet, gracias por la informacion
  11. Done everything on that list more then once. None of them fix the problem. I finally broke down and started removing even the most basic software on my PC one at a time while playing in between and lo and behold, MysticLight.exe (MSI RGB software) was the problem. Which is completely ridiculous. Thanks to the ineptitude of battleye coding, all my RGB hardware has to sit at whatever it is randomly assigned in order for me to play pubg or any game with battleeye involved. GG boys, gg. Anyways, anyone who is still having this issue, try removing any RGB related software and see if it fixes anything for you. I also did some searching, and there are other issues related to BE and RGB software for other games.
  12. Hi, The patch notes mention that the Survival Points will be a soft reset - does that mean just rounding down to your most high level? Also, will KDR, etc. wins/losses reset? Didn't see this in the notes but apologize if this is already mentioned somewhere. Thanks!
  13. I’m pretty sure when the server goes to live it will he changed along with the increased SR damage
  14. I will call it a bronco, blazer, truck, vehicle, mobile, 4x4, or your mom if I damm well want to. Got it kiddo? It's a video game anyway. It can be a bronco or a blazer. My dad had both when I was growing up. The vehicle is similar enough to both to call it whatever I want.
  15. Not sure. Just remember getting the trophy around 1,900 kills. Talked to one guy once that was just over 2k kills when he finally got his.
  16. Played a game on Vivendi very good runs much smoother mp is af tho need a new ar or sniper
  17. Hi, the SR damage will change from 150% to 130% for the live server update on 5/28.
  18. Just like it was suppose to change bi weekly to erangel 😂yea no
  19. Your friend is mistaken. That is not how it works.
  20. Every erangel I’ve landed in has been pistol heavy and shotgun heavy literally no ars the map needs a full remodel honestly more loot areas better terrain smaller map 👍 this loot changes and damage changes the only thing I can say I like out of this patch is the ump 45 is pretty cool the m16a4 is a mid range god again but finding that kind of loot on erangel be prepared to look for a century in all the buildings..
  21. 😂 I’ll await a tribute video if it’s not that impressive.
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