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  2. Haha, i think you can extrapolate most things out to the nth degree and find something you don't like. I can't help but like the possibilities that an exploding trap opens up.
  3. I watched this live. WJ had already shot these gas cans 3 times each prior to taking the last shot.
  4. I like this... once a can has been hit, allow a few seconds before the explosion... maybe an audio cue
  5. This looks great when is it coming?
  6. Eh, what's next? If you shoot someone in the bag and they're carrying a gas can, do they explode?
  7. Looking for active clan members. If you think you are up for the task of helping up plunge into the top clans on PUBG Mobile, then join up. TD Special
  8. I won't be able to make it tonight I don't think unfortunately if there is anything happening
  9. The youtube link to Wacky Jacky's.....i think
  10. Yeah I'm down with this. Quite enjoy the idea of pulling off a through a window snipe shot on a gas can
  11. I don't know man... I have ideas forming in my head on what I can do. The fun I will have it if it works... oh yeah!
  12. We Smores in cabin #8 don't appreciate the sentiment
  13. The one posted here. Would the team be willing to rework this idea? Maybe have it so a few shots sets the gas can on fire, and either a second or two later the can will explode or the next shot will make it explode?
  14. I don't know man - I was happy with my $30 purchase when I bought it in like March 2018. I'm still happy with it, over 2K hours of relative enjoyment for $30 bucks seems legit. I get what you're saying; but I'm very happy with the experience and I'm glad they keep adding different things even though you believe that they should have added this in the beginning.
  15. Not so sure how I feel about that then. Multiple shots? The video I watched only showed it took 1 shot to blow up.
  16. You don't need to prime the gas can. They can be blown up if they have spawned or been placed by a player after being hit with multiple shots.
  17. I just would have liked to see them run it through the end of June, or provide more than 1 week's notice that it was ending. I came in late and ground out 5100, but knew there was no hope of hitting 6K once they announced the 18th cutoff, with only one weeks notice. Kudos to those who ground out 6K, that's some slow SP grinding between 5 & 6.
  18. What's it like going through life being this miserable? Maybe just say thanks for the features instead of whining about how long you had to wait for them.
  19. Absolutely not. You throw molitoves in there and let them burn. For science.
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