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  2. Yea that’s exactly what my friend described he said there’s no we he got hit bc he got knocked instantly behind a group of barrels from where the enemy was standing he should not have been killed
  3. Here’s the deal and why we will never see ANY M&K players get banned. In a post by Andy or one of the people that work for this site, they were explaining the exact rules for mouse and keyboard players and that they DO have anti-cheats for people that are legitimately cheating. But right after that statement he says: “But if you have any disability issues and need to use a M&K then by all means please do” But not that directly. So all these people playing with M&K will never get banned. And that’s the loophole that they can use against blue hole if they ever tried banning these people. All they would have to say is that their hands hurt, or they have some nerve damage in their wrist. And Bluehole could do nothing afterwards. So yeah...
  4. It could be that I’m not leading like I should maybe
  5. The problem is the game is only self rewarding. Which may be enough for some people like you and me, but not for most who left. Which is not good for a game that needs a lot of players to have functioning matches. 100 players per a game is a helluva lot. Wouldn't know about the style, seems like it's still on a rise, and a lot of players are playing some form of a BR game. While I would like to see more maps or something, I would really prefer to see this game actually "go" somewhere, it's all over the place at the moment. When they introduced those gun charms my first impression was "man, this is sad" and then "well, they're at least trying".
  6. Änderungen der Schadensmodifikatoren für den Trefferbereich Schadensmodifikator von Scharfschützengewehrschüssen im Oberkörperbereich von 150 % auf 130 % verringert. Schaden der AWM von 120 auf 105 verringert. Die AWM wird nun keine Spieler mehr mit vollem Leben und einer Level-2-Weste mit nur einem Schuss töten. Dann ist Patch 28 die reinste Lüge?Es war kein Headshot 🤐
  7. Its more like, "2 Maps only and map rotation each month" I am pretty glad about the game it self, but that one point is to importan as that they should ignore that. We are prepared to compromise. So players who don't have a region near them where they could play, are always welcome. But that doesn't apply to players from Asia who abuse the system. That's why we don't understand. The worse is, we still have evreything in the game it self, what we would need to block people who want abuse the system. We all would win and nobody would be left behind. Thats why i cant come over it...……. I dont understand that at all......
  8. Gibt auch User die nicht scheiss Twitter Facebook und co folgen
  9. We like seeing proof here. Otherwise it’s just another baseless claim 🤷🏼‍♂️
  10. Well put and it all goes back to "everyone should get a medal".
  11. To me, you speak for yourself only in this. The game is highly SELF rewarding when I win a fight and/or win a chicken dinner. I don't need some kind of trophy or badge that states I've won or got X kills, or got X amount of chicken dinners. My reward is winning in and of itself. My reward is knowing I out played the competition and was the best player in that match. And no, having 15 kills and losing at the 20th spot does NOT make you the best player when the objective of the game is to be the last man standing. My opinion on the decline has to do with some people just getting bored of this style of game (rewards would not keep these players), while others got sick and tired of dealing with a certain group of players from a certain region, with cheating/hacking. Others who quit just can't hack it at this game and leave, the game wasn't for them.
  12. Per what @PUBG_Andymh5 has stated in other posts, the Erangel loot buff isn’t going to be completely applied until it hits the live server so that’s the reasoning why the “loot buff” isn’t noticeable. PTS is trash anyways without being able to play Fpp.
  13. its take to long to join a match sometimes i waiting for 10-15 min to join 1 match in TPP duo ( middle east server ) but if i join another server its working fine i wanna join ffp duo without any problem please any help? !!
  14. Players are on a steady decline and they made a lot of maps. I think maps are not what needs fixing here. It's not even desync. It's not having a reason to play, if you feel me. The game is ultimately not rewarding. It is at start, but after a few chicken dinners it leaves you empty. Take LoL, the game became boring a long ass time ago, but people stay for superb matchmaking and ranked system. PUBG players have really nothing to strive for. Bragging rights among friends in form of a screenshot, a video and a couple of weapon charms. It gets stale after a while, nothing to invest your time and sink your teeth into. It's a knee deep ocean. To make matters worse, it feels like a bunch of elderly people made the game thinking "what do young people like these days". They really need some fresh young blood in their studio and more fresh blood to actually play the game.
  15. Water town = Water World DP-28 = Double Penetrator Apartments next to school(Erangel) = The Projects Pecado = Peck A Do
  16. Why are you talking about download/upload when the issue you are going on about has nothing to do with that?
  17. redzone is just an annoyance .. it adds nothing to gameplay would like to see it gone.
  18. Meh. Besides the thumbless crew, not many well known mixer streamers. Nothing like twitch anyway. I personally don’t care for the thumbless guys. Yeah they’re good at the game. But they’re all kinda cocky and just not relatable to the average console players imo. But honestly, I don’t think console streaming is a big enough market so we will probably never see streamer skins unless the licensing will allow for twitch skins of pc players.
  19. Managed to get one or two games on the PTS yesterday. Haven't even had a chance to try the new mp5k. After that I was repeatedly given a message that say " Matchmaking Failed, Please try again later. " and had to switch back to live servers.
  20. One of the best bits and most tactical decisions is where you drop first game. Do you hit a hot spot? If you go for a normal spot, do you aim for the warehouse or a safer building a little to the side? Do I hit the warehouse and am I good enough to win with a pistol if i find out or do I have an evac if i dont. Not GUNS YAY GUNS PEW PEW ALL DEAD YAY REEEE
  21. I tried PTS again, but furniture is still way too delayed (I did not notice a difference to the original build tbh). Loot has been slow for me for months, kinda got used to that - it seems to be the same for me as it is on live servers.
  22. So im not allowed to delete clips because i had no space left and wanted to ask a simple question?
  23. Auch ich kann nur appellieren: Bleibt sachlich und freundlich, greift euch nicht persönlich an. Ihr diskutiert ein Thema, dass fast ausschließlich persönliche Meinung und Präferenzen ist.
  24. Ive seen this alot also but this isnt the issue of having to shoot players more times then needed to actually kill them
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