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  2. Простите за несколько постов подряд, на пока сюда заглядывает @PUBG_Olaf, хочется услышать его комментарии по поводу этого: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rQS-sBmnUu4 Если это так, то приплыли. Приплыли на дно.
  3. 32" Monitor Standard controller RIG 800 LX Headset https://www.plantronics.com/us/en/product/rig-800lx I Found this headset is amazing. Astros are nice. I would never say otherwise but there has never been a time where my friends who have them hear something I don't because their set is 'better'. These are more reasonably priced and my personal reason for getting them was I felt the were more comfy than most other pairs. They're very light and never hurt your ears even after hours of play. I recommended these to 3 people and they all loved them when they finally got them. Of course this is all just my opinion but thats what were here for!
  4. Pellicanbeats

    Movement problems

    Hi thank you for the reply, I shall try this and get back to you soon.
  5. Все, что вы сможете здесь сделать, это донести механики вашей игры до игроков. А именно - Я не уверен, есть ли у вас свой канал на ютубе, но было бы неплохо иметь несколько роликов, объясняющих стрельбу, зероинг, тайминги зон и тд. Новичкам, а также пришедшим из аркадных шутеров сложно понять непривычные для них геймплейные особенности. Может сделайте туториал какой-то разовый с этими объяснениями.
  6. maan i used those , till i got my steelseries arctic 3 .
  7. Can ya now!? I will have a butchers at that later then. Cheers!
  8. pajama dad

    Hit detection

    Grenades dont disappear, but bullets do, or wont deal damage if youre dead before they hit.
  9. Shacal

    First exposed

    He probably payed at LEAST 250$, considering the real to dollar conversion and that eletronics are really overpriced here in Brazil, that is why I couldnt believe a brazilian would go that far just to cheat on Xbox.
  10. Sissy

    SSD card but weapons not loading in?

    Im curious about what SSD you are using
  11. Black Dahlia NZ

    What Headsets/Controller/Attachments using.

    You can adjust this so you can full throttle with locks on.
  12. Предлагаю вам закрепить это, чтобы не возникало вопросов, на которые ответили еще год назад. Здесь нечего решать. ИМХО, все работает, как надо. Прочитайте ответ олафа ниже, пункт 2 Только не это, пожалуйста.
  13. I use elite controller No real advantage to the trigger locks, pain in the arse when you get in a vehicle and only have half throttle, so you have to faff about flicking the locks off Super sensitive right trigger - definitely a big advantage Top right paddle - b Bottom right paddle - lean right Top left paddle - x Bottom left paddle - lean left Being able to hit the crouch bottom without taking your thumb of the aim stick is a beast in close quater fights. Was confusing at first and i lost alot of fights getting in a right mucking fuddle with what i was doing with my fingers but once you get it dialled its well worth it And i use the tallest option of thumbstick with a pad on it (its huge lol) but its enabled me to really ramp the sensitivity up and still feels controllable Turtle beach 420x+ Sounds good but havnt had anything else to compare it to. K/D - 2.71 and on the up
  14. Over 1k posts banned because of the defending this game against salty haters with same amount of salt. Later on quit the game because I'm bored. Later on Vikendi came out and I came back. And I'll tell a couple of things that makes game better. That's my point of view btw. 1) Vikendi is still kind of laggy. I can't say it's fps drop or not but in only Vikendi I'm having the issue. The ping jumps instantly and struggling to play. Other maps are ok. I hope you fix it in time. It's way better than the time Vikendi released btw but still needs help a bit. 2) Remove that regional weapon system. There are tons of weapons in this game but you are not allowed to have possibility to see every weapon. Each time a new map comes with new weapons I started to worry about which gun are we gonna replaced. Variety won't increase in a single game even when a new features came out. Vikendi came out we lost Mk47 Mutant, SCAR L even they made arctic skin for SCAR L. 3) M16A4 is an AR and keep it on that way. After a balance update you guys made everything right but M16A4 doomed after that. It became a poor mans DMR. But hello it's not a DMR it's an AR. So it should be effective on mid to close range. But horizontal recoil on burst mode is making that weapon useless. Some people are using macro for M16A4 to use it properly. So you get the point, fix the burst mode. 4) About this one you think what's he talking about and disagree but I'll explain. Remove AUG A3 in drops nerf slightly and make it rare AR such as the thing that you have made on M24. AUG has only one advantage and it's not the accuracy. Most of us are experienced players and we have no issues about recoil management. We can control G36C and M416 easily. Why I give that spesific 2 weapons? Because they have same DPS with AUG. So why do you wanna risk your life that a weapon can preform almost same that the weapon you're holding it? Also it makes noise like hell. That's why AUG should be a normal spawn weapon. About slight nerf AUG has the 940m/s bullet speed. If you reduce to 900-910 that will do the job. 5) flare guns... where is it? People loved that feature. It has risk and reward and a life saver when you play 8x8 and don't have vehicle. Put them on less amount with balance and let us have fun... 6) Add some buildings on Erangel. After seeing other maps Erangel looks like an empty place. 6 cottages comes together and called as Gatka... really? There are more unnamed places that has more building in this game. So do us a favour and add more. It also fixes the loot issue in that map. 7) Lastly add some SMGs in the game and add P90 as a crate only weapon. MP5, MP7, MP9, UMP45, CX4 etc. Just add it. Don't add the old weapons btw because nobody likes it. Never seen a player who loves to use tommy gun or p1895.
  15. Sauud

    First exposed

    Appreciate the effort but they wont ban him anyway. Devs made it clear u dine with the wolfs or u die with the sheeps. Um btw dining with the wolfs will cost u +150$.
  16. Sushant chowdary

    DLC Code for the disc version of PUBG

    A lot fo them
  17. Jtozer

    Clipping videos for upload

    I find trying to trim a 5 minute clip will never work for me, either freezes or crashes completely. Upload studio works well but should be unnecessary just to crop a vid quickly
  18. ShaiG

    (Not so) Friendly fire

    Jeez bro, let your hair down. I can see you're quite new at this community, and still, as a frequent user I'd always strive to improve a game I love. Got problems with my posts or comments? shake it off bruh, commenting is not mandatory. I actually enjoy playing with randoms most of the time, mostly I get to know new peeps and good players and learn a few things. I always try and get people to talk on chat, I speak multiple languages so I even try in few before giving up. REALLY? You actually advised to play just solo to solve the problem? I'm really holding myself not to bash some education into your head and shake you up. Like everyone, I PAID for this game, why not enjoy the full features? This game, is update based and is still progressive and not completed yet. That's not called crying, that's called feedback. Believe me issues are flooding, but without efficient reporting system (or hell, I didn't even know there is a point in reporting in this situation) it is futile. just like your comment
  19. IMO pubg should get rid of crates altogether. Except those tasty ingame airdrops ofc
  20. Remove stuff bluehole. This game can't have everything the PC version has on console cause we can't handle it. Everything in this game runs like crap, from looting, landing, aiming, walking, opening doors, everything feels so bad. I really thought that the experience would be different from xbox since I bought a xbox just for this game when it release, but man nothing drastic has really change. It still feels like it runs at 25fps or lower at times. When landing we still get the clay do effect and everything loads in late and I'm on the pro I imagine on the regular ps4. Coming from blackout to this is crazy, but blackout has one thing that bugs me and it's the amount of aim assist it has.
  21. un1ty

    FPS drop on vikendi?

    Yeah it seems like the more people nearby (friends or foes), the worse the fps. While this is "normal" behaviour of course, on Vikendi it's noticeable for me, while on other maps it's not.
  22. Sauud

    Will we ever see cross play?

    It will be hard to convince Sony and pubg corp is so lazy anyway. I think it will be possible when we’ll see alot of games supports crossplay between ps4 and xbox.
  23. Sauud

    First exposed

    Well those guys with controllers want higher fps too 👀
  24. hybiepoo

    First exposed

    None of those things are purposely modifying a standard input method. SSD doesn't give you a competitive advantage, it's just less frustrating. In fact some have pointed out it's an advantage for your walls not to load so you can shoot through them. Fast refresh rate monitor is also not in the same league and comparing them to XIM is taking the piss somewhat. Now aside from that, pubg have not said they would like those things to stop being used. They have with XIM. It's cheating.
  25. Sushant chowdary

    Survivor Reward Duplicates

    The writing on shirt says it all.. DO IT
  26. Hi,it's true that PAI 2019 Jacket code will expires 1 february 2019?I don't activate my code.Better hurry?He will expire?Thanks.
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