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  2. Before Vikendi launched, I could stand in the middle of 5 smokes without any major FPS drops (maybe 5>10 frames, tops). Since Vikendi launched, even in the middle of one smoke tanks my frames from 120>160 to 30 or under. Is this going to be fixed? It's clearly a regression, as it didn't happen previously. Specs: i7-4790k @4.6ghz 16gb DDR3 Memory @1833mhz 512GB SSD GTX 1060 Gaming X @2100mhz (core clock), 8100mhz Memory Clock 27" Acer Predator GSync Monitor (144hz) Thanks
  3. PUBG is seems to be running in Fullscreen Windowed mode (even with fullscreen set) since the last update when the fullscreen bug was "fixed" . If a game is running fullscreen, and you hit the windows key, it should minimize/close the game and go back to the desktop. If you don't believe me, open Counter Strike Global Offensive for example, put it in Fullscreen windowed mode and hit the windows key. The task bar will display over the top of the game without the game minimizing, just like PUBG. However, put it in fullscreen mode and when you press the windows key, it'll bring you to the desktop. Now put pubg into fullscreen mode and hit the windows key. The game won't minimize and will show the taskbar over the top of the game. It didn't do this prior to the last update that "fixed" the other fullscreen bug. You can also put it in Windowed full screen mode and it'll exhibit the same behavior, as both fullscreen and fullscreen windowed settings are doing fullscreen windowed at the moment.
  4. Avohei

    Low Volume

    Two cool pieces of info I didn't know. One is happens in other unreal engine games. Two you have an Asus card. I found this digging around. Not sure if it applies to you. Headphones amplifier: The Strix can drive headphones upto 600ohm, however the setting has to be manually selected to get the desired amplification. The first time I plugged my headphones in, I found the volume to be a bit lacking and I was extremely disappointed with the performance. Only by chance I found out that you can change the impedance (ohm) level by right clicking the headphones icon on the software, and selecting the level of amplification you want (low, medium, high). Asus certainly needs to highlight this setting in case users are turned away by the low volume output.".... Have a look into the at with your cards software if you haven't.
  5. It can be a goddamn joke at times. Yea, I was also going "slow"... If you consider being hit at 60 km/h slow. Also, I'm basically pushing him for metres - which is totally stupid, too, this would never happen while hitting someone with a bike. Also, the way he kills me is so fucking laughable and impossible that I was not even able to be mad, I was so confused. Guy wasn't even looking/aiming at me, and not even at the bike at the killshot.
  6. charbel1011

    Why im playing with people far away?

    No shit NA SERVER is full of brazilian people it's really making my performance garbage literally. my performance in this game is never steady NEVER.
  7. OOokvltoOO

    Stat snobs

    You should make lfg posts for 300 wins plus and if you say “Appear offline” I think your stats are unavailable to the others you are not friends with.
  8. Lone wolf

    Stat snobs

    Its alright man i feel you, alot of those kids aren’t even good themselves. Alot of them not all just get carried in squads. I have seen people asking for 100+ wins when they only had squad wins and still a negative kd, wins don’t always make you a good player
  9. Уже пос... на FPS, у вас микро фризы ЗАТУПЫ проскакивают в frame time как говорится на 60гц это не ощущается, зато на 144 от этого плакать хочется, хоть в слоу мо записывай в 240 чтоб поверили что микро фризы есть и это пи....
  10. Gentle Gopher

    hitting someone with a vehicle

    I think I've only gotten two roadkills since the Stat reset. Generally it's not my gameplan, but when you are driving as people are jumping out of a plane, it's effective... That being said, I was surprised that I did not kill the first guy on the first hit... https://xboxdvr.com/gamer/gentle-gopher/video/65607746 I definitely think they should do more damage, but it's not terrible.
  11. WainZ0r

    Upgrading to a One X

    I was considering the one x but read that the xbox 2 is due in 2020 as sony have pencilled the new ps5 for 2020 and xbox want to be ready to launch around the same time, so possibility, think I will just save for that instead.
  12. WainZ0r

    Upgrading to a One X

    I have og with ssd and I can jump any stage on any map without any rendering issues, before I had the ssd it was awful especially for equipment and guns loading in, I would land on a gun and run off because it hadn't loaded, but since the ssd no rendering issues at all.
  13. VENEEL

    Need a moral boost!

    Im getting even more and more disgusted and demotivated to play this game...
  14. Rev0verDrive

    PUBG Frametime

    Yeah, the fact the majority of frame times are at the bottom says the application is decently optimized (8.3ms avg). The spikes could be caused by so many different things that have zero to do with the game. Would love to see in-game footage that matches the bench...with netgraph on. Plus system specs.
  15. Xenozan

    Dying after a game, press exit to lobby gets stuck

    After graphic card update, i am having the same issue
  16. Avohei

    FPS capped to 30

    Not sure what's going on with some of the Nvidia updates. Seems I have trouble with them unless I do a clean install. So I just do that now. Glad you got the problem sorted.
  17. Iv done mission about looting AUG from dead body - did not even notice. But when iv seen this i remember sayn "lol what a bs"
  18. matthejl

    High level players

    Out of curiosity, do you drop the warehouse or large hanger type building?
  19. We have overload of Chinese in EU - imagine that desync and level of gameplay Im letting this game off slowly.
  20. Hoodedwildkard

    High level players

    More you drop a hot zone, the better you get, I drop power grid basically every game on miramar, I know it like the back of my hand and usually do well there. Military base on erangel, drop c building closest to road and be situationally aware of other players and their locations, know when to bug out and go for more lowkey locations, and when you're tooled up keep an eye out to bushwack people who arrive late to loot. Also have fall back locations to ambush players, give me a mini or sks on military island bridge with half way decent scope and cqc weapon and I'll get good loot from players who try to cross the bridge.
  21. VENEEL

    PUBG Frametime

    Im not even surprised if this is on AMD. Post there is bs, not showing anything actly.
  22. Civilian Kiwi

    Iron Rain Duo FPP Tourney - Update

    For those who have entered the Tourney, please message me here on the forums @Civilian Kiwi or on Xbox at Exalted Kiwi for instructions and password info for tomorrow.
  23. Civilian Kiwi

    Spectator Mode?

    That my friend is a question for Bluehole. I have actually asked the Dev/Mod for the forums to find out more info about it, but as if right now just think of Custom Games being in beta form
  24. pajama dad

    Upgrading to a One X

    I dont have one myself, but a friend just upgraded and he loves it. Its renewed his drive to play games.
  25. charbel1011

    Watch this before you buy this game

    No shit. desync is fucking amazing. This game is garbage.
  26. HypnoToad643

    Upgrading to a One X

    I honestly wouldn't even bother this late in the game. Probably gonna have a new console by 2020 anyway.
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