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  2. KammoraV2


    BFV - Looting is atrocious which trumps all else so wont be playing it again. PUBG for life, even if it is a hot mess.
  3. northphosphor

    New replay edit system issue and suggestion

    You found fix for that?
  4. does this game even with high fps feels laggy sometimes? like you feel you are running on 60hz while you are on 100hz monitor. but you are not. like it happens sometimes
  5. BadBatch5040

    Checking stats of Players after they kill you

    I'm still running a tube tv. Response time is approximately 2 trigger pulls before something happens.
  6. The only reason why I asked is because you think your amazing and putting people down on the process for talking about MnK I’m nothing special either to be honest but I’m not talking crap to people haha. Here have my lifetime stats...
  7. Yesterday
  8. Yes. Game mode on TVs is meant for lower response time gaming. TVs add extra image processing meant for watching TV/movies, it makes the image look better at the expense of response time.
  9. BlazedInThe253

    Checking stats of Players after they kill you

    My game modes visuals arent as nice as when I use dynamic are you saying dynamic slows it down? I think he was being helpful no reason to beat him up on it.
  10. PUBG_Sheepy

    step sound while jumping

    Hello Fail0r, Thanks for letting us know! I have forwarded this to the Dev team for further Investigation.
  11. All you do is make sure it's on game mode and remove any extra image processing settings if they exist. Anything that adds extra processing over the original image means extra processing time, which means slower response time. On most TVs game mode has all that disabled by default, which is why it's called game mode. This dude acts like he created some "super high speed connection" and can't even describe what he did lol. It's just a tv not a rocket ship.
  12. LTyrion

    Cheaters running rampant

    Would it be possible to simply, silently, place all cheating hardware on their own cheating server, permanently? This way PUBG continues to make revenue off those Internet cafes or repurchasing cheaters who get banned while protecting their legit playerbase?
  13. BlazedInThe253

    Checking stats of Players after they kill you

    Going to look into this for my TV as well.
  14. Fair play, I edited comment to not be so harsh
  15. Personally, I'd like to see revive disappear completely. It would make it more hardcore. Players would have to approach it very differently if they knew they had once chance in that round like solo players do.
  16. its not a direct setting to my knowledge. But changing a couple settings on the TV allowed the Xbox to better communicate with the TV and I noticed a massive difference in response time. I had for months been complaining to my friends about not being able to get my sensitivity down and that in close range gun fights I always felt like I was behind everyone else / desync to the max. Wound up doing what the TV dude said, something about allowing a super high speed connection or something, and my world was blown away. Since that time I'm pretty sure I'm at like a 2.5kd (still not great, but something I'm happy with)
  17. BlazedInThe253

    Checking stats of Players after they kill you

    ok i got green check marks but have no idea how to mess with the MS
  18. BlazedInThe253

    Checking stats of Players after they kill you

    I thought it was a good guess but guess I was wrong? The name was a gamertag though and dont see why we wouldnt think it was you and wasnt an insult by any means.
  19. had to call the TV manufacturer, change a few settings, flip the TV to game mode, and align up everything with my console so all my check marks were green.
  20. BlazedInThe253

    Checking stats of Players after they kill you

    Is this a thing how you do that?
  21. You think my Username is my Gamertag? It's not.
  22. Michael Seaman

    Loot cave on vikendi door glitch

    Use the search next time, there are already numerous posts on this issue. The devs claim they are working on it.
  23. By no means am I a PUBG superstar, first 50 wins/1k games played i was playing with nearly 500ms input lag, had no idea how to set up my 4k TV and my 1X to get to <50ms input lag. Since we are comparing appendage sizes, let's see yours too
  24. Ah yes, once again you are failing to admit you outed yourself and completely proved the FPS/DPS isn't an actual issue by claiming you could tell they fixed the FPS / DPS issue on the live server because it "worked so much better" when in fact no changes had been made. That's ok, you can continue to ignore that little fact, and I'll continue to relink every one to it when you claim it's still an issue.
  25. warnyng

    Winner Vikendi Stunt Contest

    sorry i don't understand all so who is the winner for the contest , i ask in french forum but no reply from dev :/ I send video with off my trick and link u tube ... pleeeease
  26. Righto, I have the video proof, so I'll let people make their own conclusions about this accusation. lol lol Or because we are always told how buggy deathcam and replay are and not to rely on them, and other then that locked at 60fps there is no way to tell unless you try unrestricted at a high frame rate and go back and forth to test them both for a difference your told by posters like yourself doesn't exist (which it clearly does). I have video evidence, posters can make up their own mind, it is a large difference, as to 'game breaking' it certainly was at a point, it's still very very bad, don't know about game breaking, but for me I certainly can't go back to 60fps yet since the difference is just far too large. It's playable if you can keep consistently over 100 fps as the screen tearing and stuttering at that point is reduced, but the graphics look crap.
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