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  2. hey, bro, my username is tryagain24. add me.
  3. I've seen a few threads and made a few posts on this and their response is that. they are actively working on a new leader board but it's complicated and will take time... I personally liked the old leaderboard. I guess it was changed out because you could hide/camp your way up. Win rating. Kill rating and placement rating miles above this playtime rating they have now! Of the 27 people on the board, two have a .97 and .47 kd and barely any wins. These are top players?
  4. Yesterday
  5. I'm standing by my idea of getting rid of featured map (outside of any special occasions: any remasters or loot rebalances) and having one join button and playing the maps in sequence like in Battlefield 4. Those that dont mind all maps wont have to recue and if you dont like the next map, you can recue and find another lobby. Of course there would have to be the ability to select you field of view preference and solo, duo, or squad but I feel like this would put less of a strain on the servers not having to que every person that gets on every time
  6. It's actually server issue. It loads late for Shroud who has NASA computer.
  7. You can take a shit while moving. Doesn't make sense, but it's possible.
  8. You can barely move, its honestly gonna be easier to hit someone moving at that speed than if they were wiggling and crouching. Its definitely not like other br's
  9. I’m just curious as to why they ever thought the range on the shotgun could possibly hit at 1000m
  10. My hearing is what I worry most about. I swear I’ve lost 10% hearing already, mainly from the damn red zone and vehicles.
  11. I’m sure they give very little points on purpose so that we play more. It’s dumb how wins only give you like 10+ points. @PUBG_Andymh5 is probably told not to respond to this since it’s all part of their plan to make us play more. Damn snakes.
  12. Yeah my tastes change regularly. I’ll always have a soft spot for the og Erangel. But at the moment I like Miramar. I didn’t select a “worst”map because essentially I like them all. But if I had to choose my least favorite it’d be Vikendi for the simple and only fact that the wind gives me a headache.
  13. Fav is Sanhok, I know it well. Have a couple diff strats for start game. I like the color pallet of sanhock. Fresh and green nice beaches etc, next is vikendi due to its size and compromise between small and large, lots of buildings lots of outside cover. Third is erangel but really enjoying this one being featured this month, had some awesome times on her. wish there was a night time for all maps too.
  14. Yeah, it looks sweet as! Watched a few different streamers playing it (Pawnyhof, Hambino + Choco) and they're all in love with it....... mostly It's so much 'cleaner' and less cluttered.
  15. I often say random is random... but I'm really tired of Sanhok over and over again.
  16. My kids are well fed, bathed, get their daily exercise, and my oldest has his hour of reading time every day. And now that I think about it, 16hrs a day for those 3 days was a bit of an overestimate. It was more like 12, with 2-4, 15-30 minute breaks to prepare meals, help with baths, have a Nerfwar around sun set when it got cooler outside and they were in bed for the last couple hours. Yet and still, I didn't have any work and it was a HELL of a lot more gaming than normal. I may not win Father of The Year, but I WAS awarded "World's #1 Dad"! (Seriously...I have a coffee mug that LITERALLY says exactly that on it) so "Ha!" lol
  17. Yes, my complaint with Sanhok is that every game plays out more or less the same. I know a lot of people love the fast paced run-and-gun style of it, but after playing it to death when it first dropped i find it a bit monotonous these days. PUBG pulled me in because it was different from the COD's and Battlefield's we already had.
  18. 😂😂 I know but I feel i have to be honest about how these wins come my way... hopefully further down the line I can manage to play more aggressive and open without dying instantly 😁😁... it's a work in progress.
  19. I hate my friends - I'm in! Seriously a good idea!
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