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  2. I've never been a PC gamer. PUBG on Xbox is my first online game (played lots of solo Halo, Borderlands 2, Far Cry 3 & 4 on Xbox). But the game looks awesome on PC, and I'm a PUBG addict. I'm a mediocre player with a kdr of (last few weeks) only about 1.3. The idea of being more accurate in shooting is appealing - I realize that everyone else will be more accurate and actually I'll have to learn M&K mechanics and be at a big disadvantage at the start, but that's fine. The idea of high framerates is very appealing. So my first question (I searched the forum but didn't find any good answers, please just direct me to past questions if this has been asked before) - what's it like for an Xbox player to switch to PC? Positives? Negatives? Challenges in adapting to the m&k? And second question, what kind of PC, monitor, m&k spec do I need? I'm happy to pay to get something decent quality for high framerate. I would prefer a pre-built system so suggestions there would be great. Appreciate any advice, thanks!
  3. FreakoFreako

    FPS drops mostly fixed!

    I had the other settings already but tried these 2 in a couple matches. My GPU usage is still below 70%. 40-65% usually. The only time I ever saw my GPU usage at 90% was in the plane at like 300 fps lol. PUBG and certain early access titles are the only games where I get low usage. In AAA games like COD, BFV, I get 90% usage at high FPS with no stutters My GPU core clock was at 1987 mhz during gameplay
  4. On xbox all the randoms end up back in the lobby together and can choose to play again, unless they left when they died in game. Not sure why this same thing doesn't happen on ps4. Share play also doesn't work, it says the game isn't available in your country. There's so many things missing from ps4 compared to xbox, it's like it went back into game preview/beta.
  5. 162, very nice man! 150 for myself.
  6. I'd say the pass is worth it, yeah it might be pricey for some, but the amount of cosmetics you get, well worth it.
  7. meh, its dumb that they did this, but it doesn't bother me. I don't even have the other free skin on teh scar-l because I liked the default better.some skins you'll like, some you wont... but I agree its a dumb move having it, they could have given a bunch of better skins in the coupon shop I think.
  8. DeadlyEggXoP


    pressing shift to run makes you go straight down, if you have run toggle rather than hold and set it before you get in teh plane it can send you straight down.
  9. DRoc Poopsmith

    You can already download the Update 19,8GB

    PST: January 21 11:00PM - January 22 3:00AMCET: January 22 8:00AM - 12:00PM
  10. Freeze339

    What is up with randos lately?

    It's been a long time I quit random squad games after 3 dudes kills me and saying China numba one. I'm playing with my friends now or finding people who wants to play in discord. Otherwise you never know what's coming because it's ''Random'' you know.
  11. ShaiG

    250,000 BP later...

    Yep, horrible system currently. Im buying crates since game was released, so glad I didnt invest another dime in the game (real life money) because apparently it is a total waste. Can't understand why buying a crate in 1000-2000 or G coins, you cant trade or send items to your friends, and you can "exchange" it for 100 coins. Seems illogical if I bought 10 crates for 10,000, selling all items may get you another... 1 crate? Yeah and probabilities for getting stuff is just ridiculous. Don't go far, I just wanted a proper skin for my SKS and a long sleeve black shirt. instead I got about 63,481 dirty tank tops.
  12. Two more hours give or take.
  13. Oh when's the scheduled maintenance time over?
  14. Good point sir! From your list, the Tiger skin chute was all I bought.
  15. DRoc Poopsmith

    You can already download the Update 19,8GB

    You won't be able to connect to the server to play until the scheduled maintenance time is over.
  16. ✪ peλK

    Given the option to play on NA servers, from AUS

    Thank you! I appreciate your suggestion and will try it out for myself. Hopefully things start turning around for the better. I do appreciate all of you putting up with my frustration, and I mean no insult.
  17. Darth Ioannis

    Who is looking forward to vikendi !!!

  18. Anyone else having issues with connecting to server? My buddy and I are.
  19. cello92

    PUBG Namensänderung.

    Ja hast du recht gehabt. habe es dann auch raus bekommen. wollte es nur nicht falsch machen und es dann nachher bereuen. danke für die Antwort.
  20. Downloading.....🤞
  21. Downloading the update.
  22. DecoratedShamus

    Survival Rewards Level. How far did you get?

    I got to 55 and got everything but the gloves. Got two sets of Miramar pants and jacket and 2 of those stupid Vintage helmet skins ( that I can't even get rid of ) 😡
  23. Black Dahlia NZ

    Does anyone feel the new pass is worth $24.99

    The rewards don’t look great until you get to the higher end items which I’ve heard you basically have to no life to get them or pay even more for them. But...I’ll prob still get it because it’s something to aim for.
  24. Coko


    Why do you think so?
  25. DecoratedShamus

    Does anyone feel the new pass is worth $24.99

    You look through and decide for yourself, don't base your decision off of what others think. If you like cosmetics, I'd suggest getting the premium pass. If not, don't. https://pass.pubg.com
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